Stella McCartney launches Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

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Stella McCartney launches Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign


On the occasion of the month of breast cancer prevention, Stella McCartney launches her annual awareness campaign, in which three women take part who have defeated the disease with great charisma, telling their experience frankly. It will also be an opportunity to present the new post-operative sports bra, launched together with the Adidas by Stella McCartney AW19 collection, which aims to encourage women who have defeated cancer to practice sports and fitness. Two limited-edition pink glasses, the post-operative Louise Listening bra and a limited edition pink lingerie set will also be presented.

In the campaign film, the three protagonists find a space to discuss their experience with breast cancer, opening up to a series of memories. Sometimes moving, sometimes pleasant, their stories tell the human aspect of the disease and aim to eradicate the usual taboos that often hinder honest conversations on the subject. Different from their point of view, these stories are all examples of strength and resilience, and convey the real belief that there is life, and much more, after a breast cancer.

Michele Aboro, a former boxer who now runs a gym on the outskirts of Shanghai, shows how easily women can practice self-examination, while Leanne Pero, renowned dance teacher and founder of Black Women Rising, speaks openly about the diagnosis and her journey towards healing, using the point of view of the relationship with her mother Amanda, who also returned from a battle against breast cancer. The last voice, that of Lauren Mahon, is funny, frank and passionate in explaining her raw approach to the fight against cancer, an attitude that we find also in the profuse commitment as founder of the charitable association Girl vs.. Cancer.

Worn by Michele in the campaign film, the Adidas post-operative sports bra by Stella McCartney is the first of this series for Adidas, while for Stella McCartney it is a welcome addition to the proposals designed for patients facing the journey to recovery. The bra has a front zip closure that makes it easily wearable, as well as fully adjustable straps both front and back, which guarantee versatile use. A wide lower band offers support and greater comfort, while the extra soft seam is designed to reduce irritation. In line with the ongoing collaboration between Adidas and Stella McCartney, this bra is a high-impact garment, created for versatile athletes. The colors match with a large number of tights and tops from the Adidas collection by Stella McCartney AW19, to prevent wearers in a gym from feeling isolated or on display.

“With this post-mastectomy sports bra I really want to encourage women to take care of their health through a healthy lifestyle and self-care. With this accessory we want to accompany patients on their way to the next stage of their journey and we hope to give them the confidence to return to training. Furthermore, the fresh and modern look is designed to motivate the women who wear it and not to make them feel out of place ”. Stella McCartney

The campaign film also features the Louise Listening post-operative bra, a beautiful and technically sophisticated accessory, designed for women who have undergone a mastectomy during treatment for breast cancer. With its elegant and feminine style, the bra wants to offer comfort and support to those in need and it is made of cotton and very soft laces, with a soft lower band and front and back closure for greater comfort. Complying with the feedback of the many breast cancer patients who tested the bra, the design was changed in 2018 with the addition of ultra-soft inner pockets to be used in the case of prostheses, wide and adjustable straps and a wider range of sizes XS – XXL, with cup sizes 32A – 42E. Distributed for free from 2018, via Stella McCartney Cares, the bra will again be available on request from October onwards, with an estimated 10,000 units ready to be donated over the next year.

Still within the awareness campaign against breast cancer in 2019, two glasses in sustainable bio-acetate are available in limited edition and, in a limited edition, the stylist’s annual lingerie set, the Emma Loving soft cup bra and the pink bikini. The proceeds from the sales of all four products will be donated to the Stella McCartney Cares foundation, which in turn supports charities and organizations around the world, including the Linda McCartney Center in Liverpool, the Hello Beautiful Foundation in London

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