Inside the backstage of Tod’s SS20


Inside the backstage of Tod’s SS20

That idea of femininity and elegance is now considered timeless; and this is what has inspired this collection.

Tod’s presents the modernity of clean lines and high-quality materials, envisioned by the expert hands of skilled artisans who use unique craftsmanship to create cosmopolitan products. Leather takes centre stage, and is tie-dyed, or cut into cascades of sequins; ponyskin is woven into macrame, pleats are created from nappa intarsia, which is soft like satin. Blouson jackets are sharply structured, and cosy overcoats come in anaconda or rubberised leather. There are also touches of zebra print which add a dash of vibrant eccentricity to the collection.  The palette juxtaposes natural leather hues with graphic black and white, softened by muted pastels or given definition by accents of bright colour.

The focus for accessories is on the art and craftsmanship of saddlery. San crispino stitching accentuates the tapered silhouette of kitten-heeled slingbacks and slip-ons, so that the meticulous skill which goes into making the products, becomes a mark of contemporary style. Round toe loafers in metallic leather and zebra-print ponyskin, reconfirm one of the brands signature designs. The iconic letter t, taken from the archives, features throughout the collection, on fastenings of handbags, on driving shoes and on buckles, emphasising and giving character to the tod’s brand.

The new t stands for tod’s, but also tradition, talent and time. The savoir-fare which is the true expression of contemporary individuality. Talent as an asset to be nurtured in order to grow and modernity captures the essence of overcoming time, becoming timeless. This experimentation is intrinsic to the italian way of doing things; it shapes the future with tradition, whether this be in arts, crafts, cinema, or lifestyle. When films such as l’avventura, l’eclisse and red desert were released, monica vitti’s introspective roles, directed by michelangelo antonioni, embodied a completely new kind of femininity.

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