Attico SS20 an ode to the hedonist clubwear


Attico SS20 an ode to the hedonist clubwear

The Attico woman is ready to sing, dance and enjoy the night. Tomorrow he will answer those voice messages.

7:00 pm, 20120 Milan. The woman lives and works in the quadrilateral. Leave me at voicemail, I’m out of the office, active on their devices. And he goes on stilettos, a suit with shoulders decided to offer his daytime self – in bold colors – to the world. Wrapped in a trench coat, wearing sensual lingerie that caresses her body, the woman leaves the office and walks fast, with the passing of minutes and the approach of night. He is not afraid to take risks. Indeed, she likes it a lot, and dresses accordingly, changing her look with taste, bravado and decision.

He reaches his destination. It is a Chinese restaurant, apparently. Elegantly decorated, with charming 1960s interiors as seen in the cinema, but it is not here to socialize with customers, who still create a captivating group that will probably join later. He heads for the back door, whispers the watchman’s password and disappears into the dimly lit, intensely decorated, extravagant rooms of the secret club. Yellow, red, green, blue: the environments match its many selves. A fumoir, a greenhouse, a living room. Is she a singer? A dancer? A performer? There is no need to know or label it: it is the Attico woman and here she is in her new evolution. Mysterious and incognito, of course, her eyes always shielded behind her new sunglasses.

Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini continue to explore The Attico mindset, mixing hedonism, excess and sparkle. This season their range of action is particularly wide, as it extends from the daywear, read with the look of The Attico, to the hedonist clubwear. Immersing in extravagance and, of course, with an oriental touch, the woman comes out of the fluorescent tailoring to enter into small embroidered slipdresses and flappers, cut cheongsam that uncover the hips, scandalously short miniskirts and short jackets. The touches of animal prints, sequins and feathers are essential, while the guêpière and lingerie-inspired garments make it clear that the woman undresses with the same dedication with which she dresses. He loves white and black, bright pastels, neon tones and floral prints. He wears sharp sandals or slingback color blocks, adorns himself with strong jewels and holds a clutch in his hand.



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