Tako Mekvabidze: The atmosphere of 90s Batumi


Tako Mekvabidze: The atmosphere of 90s Batumi


Tako Mekvabidze takes the colors and harmonious them with the sea and nature like her hometown Batumi, Georgia. The woman inspiring the collection is an integral part of a spectacular marine landscape, she is a true romantic, while her world is free and lightsome.

The atmosphere of 90s Batumi, white pillars, a diverse variety of shells, childhood memories and a woman’s silhouette walking graciously on an azure-toned seaside – served as the major inspiration for the collection. The designer has traveled in her childhood, where she once again discovered the woman dignified by her delicacy, tenderness, exquisite silhouette, femininity, and light-heartedness. The woman living in the memory of the designer has been transformed through the collection and dressed in modern garments while keeping her tenderness and femininity…

Delicate organza, natural garments, denim, straw hats, net bags, sunglasses, light shades of blue, pink and lemon yellow – all tell the story of the woman in a completely new light…


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