Color Sketcher Giorgio Armani


Color Sketcher Giorgio Armani



An essential color tool for lips and cheeks

Color Sketcher is Giorgio Armani’s new multi-use satin finish for lips and cheeks. Simple and elegant in both colors and application, Color Sketcher is a basic tool for make-up on-the-go. Its error-proof mixable formula, the twist-up pencil format does not temper and the monochromatic shades give the freedom to design a look that enhances natural beauty.
The unique and artistic gesture of Color Sketcher allows a new freedom of expression for one’s look.

Free, expressive and intuitive, the sketch transmits – in the initial lines – the vision of an artist. Color Sketcher takes its inspiration from the sketch as the basis of the design process, reinterpreting the artist’s pencil as a tool for make-up, the face as a canvas.
Color Sketcher allows you to design a monochromatic look on lips and cheeks, in natural tones that enhance the beauty of every woman.

Color Sketcher glides effortlessly on lips and cheeks with a comfortable texture, smooth and creamy, for a satin finish. The pointed shape allows a simple and intuitive application on the lips, to easily create the perfect mouth both during the complete makeup routine in the morning and on-the-go, during a busy day. The pencil is equally suitable for coloring the cheeks, with shades that can be mixed and stratified to infinity obtaining the desired color depth.
Color Sketcher is presented in an elegant polished glass case with twist-up and twist-down mechanism, so that a pencil sharpener is never needed.
Inspired by organic shades, Color Sketcher is available in ten sophisticated shades in earthy colors, for a natural monochromatic look. Expressive soft beige, brown and plum, delicate pink, natural: colors that convey a discreet elegance.

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