Nails for the summer: juicy and natural colors

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Nails for the summer: juicy and natural colors


Regardless of whether you prefer hybrids or traditional nail polish, nails are one of the key elements of makeup this season. French manicure, silver or ripe fruit? See what colors are worth paying attention to.

Compilation was  inspired by such shows as Adam Selman, Armani, Gucci,  Phillip Lim, Pucci, Sonia Rykiel, Helmut Lang, Jill Stuart, Mulberry, Sachin & Babi, Jeremy Scott and Zang Toi.

Bitter Buddhist: This color in an opaque, celadon green shade is neither too deep nor too light to go with any look. That is more,  sea-foam green shade manages to flatter all skin tones without looking sickly.

Regret The Moon: A pearly, opaque cream that glows like a full moon and will flatter any skin tone.

African Violet: Is a vibrant combination of fuchsia and grape tones. Its blue undertones keep it looking chic and clean, rather than ‘80s-level gaudy.

Mink Brule: Is a creamy-peach hue, stunning neutral shade that will work on an array of skin tones.

Shattered Souls: Is a golden glitter sparkle floating in a transparent base. Ideal to be matched with other shades, as top coat, or more coats by itself for a fuller effect.

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