With Lucia Pica inside the Chanel HC Backstage

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With Lucia Pica inside the Chanel HC Backstage


What were your sources of inspiration for this makeup? What brief did Virginie Viard give you?
The women are in a library, luxurious elegant readers. I thought it would be interesting to give them a really strong eyebrow with a masculine sense in the inner part and then an elongation which gives them a sense of authority and confidence.

Can you describe the fashion show makeup?
The skin is soft and translucent with L’EAU DE TEINT and la PALETTE ESSENTIELLE where needed, BAUME ESSENTIEL is added high on the cheekbones.
I brushed up the eyebrows with the STYLO SOURCILS WATERPROOF and filled with upwards strokes from the inner part. I have drawn an eyebrow liner starting from the middle of the eye. I elongated it out straight to the outer corner of the eye.
There are graphic elements into the eyebrow and eyeliner.
I wanted the feeling of the girl to be strong and confident with an authority feel to her. There is BAUME ESSENTIEL on the lips, so the face and finish is quite translucent and bare with a transparent shine on the cheek bones. Mascara is applied on curled lashes on the top only.

Do you have any professional tips and tricks to share with us?
Use the canceler of the PALETTE ESSENTIELLE around the mouth if the girl has natural color on the lips.

Is there a product that you particularly enjoyed using for this makeup look?
The STYLO SOURCILS WATERPROOF is my favorite product of the look as it helped me create powerful masculine/feminine eyebrows.

Pictures Credits:

Backstage Défilé CHANEL Haute Couture Automne-Hiver 2019-20

Maquillage CHANEL – Lucia Pica

© CHANEL 2019

2019-20 Fall-Winter CHANEL Haute Couture Show Backstage

Makeup CHANEL – Lucia Pica

© CHANEL 2019

Photos Benoît Peverelli

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