Stella McCartney Menswear Summer 2020


Stella McCartney Menswear Summer 2020

In the color palette predominate rich and earthy tones such as rust, camel and gray, next to ash green and tea leaf, with lilac and orange touches.

In this collection, the various faces of the man Stella McCartney are united by an activist and provocative spirit that spreads a strong environmental message through the poetic reflections of the writer Jonathan Safran Foer. Reinterpreting the themes of the women’s prêt-à-porter collection with a subversive irreverence, the tradition is distorted to the point that not everything is what it seems.

In the color palette predominate rich and earthy tones such as rust, camel and gray, next to ash green and tea leaf, with lilac and orange touches.

The ethics and eco-sustainable commitment of Stella and the future hope of creating a circular economy are the cornerstones of the collection, with 64% of garments made with sustainable materials. In fact, the designer used organic cotton, sustainable viscose, regenerated ECONYL® nylon and recycled polyester.

“In this collection, sustainability is not just in materials, but reflected in the messages and prints on the garments. We made it visible, we put it in the foreground with the aim of making this concept cheerful, joyful and accessible. After all, our approach is always fun and confident, “says Stella McCartney regarding the collection.

The original interpretations of Mother Nature enrich the collection and appear massively in the capsule collection entitled “We are the Weather”. The capsule, which is named in honor of Jonathan Safran Foer’s forthcoming novel on the climate crisis, is characterized by phrases that stimulate reflection and a solar graphic in the style of counterculture that stands out on knitwear, organic cotton shirts, shorts and t-shirts, thus creating a winning combination of activism and classicism.

The hand-painted horses dance on a silk shirt, a tie and a pair of matching shorts and bear witness to Stella’s love for animals. The leopard is introduced for the first time in a Spring-Summer collection: prints are made starting from photocopies of enlarged ecological furs and then appear on light uncoordinated items such as a large organic cotton duster and trousers.

The utility in a modern key appears in various forms throughout the collection. The trousers and a jacket in the fresh shade of tea leaves are combined with elegant derbies with buckles in alter nappa to reflect the dual nature of activist and professional of the Stella McCartney man. The result of an unexpected interpretation of camouflage, an extraordinary suit is enriched with a satellite print of the Earth.

Wisely mixing formal and casual elements, the Savile Row tailoring in gray color is decorated with leopard prints or a daring houndstooth overlaid. A powerful minimalism emerges from a double-breasted dress proposed in powder pink, while the faded denim garments are declined in the luminous white shade.

The “Eco-weirdo” graphic brings a touch of humor to a purple T-shirt and a monochrome wallet, playing with irreverence on the perception that climate change is just a fantasy. The items subjected to dyeing bath add a note of playfulness.

As for accessories, functional elements such as backpacks and baby carriers are decorated with satellite Earth prints. The new bottle holder with logo is a reference to the hope of the man Stella McCartney to rid the world of disposable plastics in the name of eco-sustainability.

In line with the activist spirit of the collection, the trekking boots with treaded soles are the protagonists of the footwear line, finely finished with the embroidered logo of Stella. The iconic, easily recyclable and glue-free loops are re-proposed in an innovative key in the form of traditional running shoes in alter-suede and recycled nylon in bright colors and pop.

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