Fendi presents All The Time starring Rob Raco

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Fendi presents All The Time starring Rob Raco


FENDI presents the new Spring/Summer 2019 Men’s Eyewear Collection with a new exciting film starring its brand ambassador: actor, musician and model Rob Raco. In a texturized kaleidoscopic atmosphere, the video plays on the concept that sunglasses can be worn at all times of the day. You can wear FENDI sunglasses ‘all the time’.
Leading the viewer throughout the day, the film portraits Rob Raco in an indoor living space, sitting on a cocooning chaise long, and in a photographic set-up. The change of time is marked by a new pair of sunglasses at every moment of the day, beginning at sunrise, passing through the morning, afternoon until sunset. As time passes, new shades of colours – for dark blue to orange – and vivid flashes of light enter the scene, accompanying Rob Raco during the day, lived through the lenses of the new FENDI Spring/Summer 2019 Men’s Eyewear Collection.

I like to know when the daylight comes.
The shape.
From purples to pink.
I know when I can feel it.
How your mood turns into a different colour.



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