A focus on Arab Fashion Week


A focus on Arab Fashion Week

A catwalk incorporating cutting edge technology built permanently in 1422 that has attracted record participation from the region’s most talented designers whose designs are set to spark a new wave of fashion and lifestyle trends.

Over 70 designers from the Middle East, Europe and Asia will come together for Arab Fashion Week from April 24 to 28 in City Walk, the design-inspired open-air lifestyle neighbourhood by Meraas. Celebrating a wide calendar of fashion shows, pop-ups, presentations and private trunk show, which will be held at the world’s first Ready Couture store and the region’s first ever designer acceleration hub, 1422, at City Walk. 1422, which stands for “1 Council For 22 Countries” is an iconic space specifically created and dedicated for luxury shopping, custom made fashion and lifestyle experience. It is the brainchild of the Arab Fashion Council in partnership with Meraas and Umdasch.This year’s Arab Fashion Week is celebrating its new permanent home in City Walk by Meraas. A catwalk incorporating cutting edge technology built permanently in 1422 that has attracted record participation from the region’s most talented designers whose designs are set to spark a new wave of fashion and lifestyle trends.
According to the Arab Fashion Council chief executive officer, Jacob Abrian: “The Arab Fashion Week is a powerful platform for local, regional and international fashion designers and design houses to show the rest of the world how fashion is evolving in the Middle East. We are proud to see the event evolving to become an international attraction hosting brands, media and buyers from around the world.
“It is absolutely a superb platform for designers around the world to showcase their design prowess. This year’s event is expected to be disruptive. We expect to see new design and lifestyle trends being showcased throughout the event and we are welcoming a premium group of buyers from around Europe, China and Russia.”
Meraas’ Chief Malls Officer, Sally Yacoub, said: “We are delighted to host once again the Arab Fashion Week. The event does not only offer a conducive platform for all designers to shine, but it also cements Dubai as the fashion hub of the Middle East.”
Under the themes, See-Now; Buy-Now Spring Summer 2019 and Ready Couture Fall Winter 2019, the eighth edition of the Arab Fashion Week is largely expected to feature trend-setting designs, covetable creations and capsule collections. Some 26,000 guests are expected to attend the event and will have the opportunity to view the runway directly at 1422 Store. When the show concludes, the store will open permanently to the public as the world’s first Ready-Couture store.



Aiisha Ramadan – UAE

AIISHA presented a collection that reveals a part of the designer’s heart, mind, and soul. She collaborated with longtime friends Si Fashion Galerie where “Change” Resort 2020 is born. Consisting of 35 beautiful and colorful ready couture looks, some based on samples from previous collections redesigned giving them a new life, like a raw diamond that just needs a little polishing to show its beauty. Other looks were based on previously and constantly loved cuts from the brand’s decade in the industry, giving them a new perception, while remaining the same at their core. “Life is about predictable and unpredictable patterns of change, and the only constant factor will be our power to take control of our feelings and attitude towards life. Life is like the changing seasons – while we cannot control the weather, we can control and change our perception; therefore, our entire lives”, said Aiisha Ramadan.

Hiba Younis – Palestine

Hiba Younis launched her “Arabia” SS 19 collection, Arabia was inspired by the Arabic language and calligraphy. “The idea of it came out of the fact that we don’t appreciate our language and we don’t even speak it correctly”, Hiba Younis said. Arabic calligraphy was used as the embroidery pattern to many fabrics; the golden calligraphy adds luxury and beauty to the pieces. Arabia is a collection that suits women who like to experience something different, something unusual, simple and elegant…and more importantly, something meaningful.

Arshys – UAE

‘ARSHYS’ the Emirati fashion label synonymous with bold and innovative designs released two capsule collections on the runway. The pre SS20/Ramadan capsule collection aptly titled ‘Into the Starry Night’ and the other titled “Perplexed”. The brand’s exquisite runway designs will be available to pre-order from the 1422 concept store in City Walk II, Dubai. The designer took inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh’s most famous artwork, after which the collection is named. Meticulously selected fabrics and accents come into play to bring this collection to life. The designer introduced her signature spin on each piece by creating her own hand-drawn illustrated graphic prints of the stars and painted pastel stripes, reflecting a refined artistic aesthetic along with positive reinforcement messages.

Mikhail Chamoun – Lebanon

A young Lebanese fashion designer Mikhail Chamoun presented his collection with the title “Let’s move the world”. At the age of 15, he started designing his first dresses and worked for several couture houses and designers during his early years. For Mikhail, designing isn’t just giving new designs. Every piece has to respect the woman’s body shape and allure. Each and every lady for him is a unique muse that inspires a whole world of art. “We are delighted to have Mikhail Chamoun as part of the 8th edition of Arab Fashion Week, we’re amazed by his creativity and out of the box designs especially the DHL capsule collection”, said Mohammad Aqra, Head of Partnership, Arab Fashion Council.

Juergen Christian Hoerl – Austria

Juergen Christian Hoerl showcased wearable fashion. Born in Upper Austria 1975, Juergen draws his inspiration from cultures, people and his travels. Handmade masterpieces composed with the renowned Parisian method, manufactured at the Viennese in-house studio with perfect fit and highest quality material are the cornerstones of JCH JUERGEN CHRISTIAN HOERL. The Viennese fashion label’s is style with an individual claim. Timeless elegance, sophisticated lightness and conscious understatement reflect the zeitgeist of an urban lifestyle.


Ezra Tuba – Turkey

Erza Tuba showcased Fall Winter ready couture collection. “Ezra Tuba” was founded on 27th October 2006, a designer brand accompanied by the awareness of a multinational brand for women, It is a brand addressing A-Luxury segments Ready to Wear, Accessible Ready Couture, Haute Couture and Wearable Technology.

Bav Tailor – UK

BAV TAiLOR presented a sustainable luxury collection – a collective fusion of finest certified natural or recycled materials and pure, geometrical silhouettes and effortless volumes inspired by design, architecture and Eastern philosophies that represent true hallmarks of authentic 100% Made in Italy and Eco-Sustainability in the brand ethos. Each piece in the collection soulfully categorizes into linear or larger volume silhouettes for all creeds and forms.


Blssd is the only non-profit social enterprise fashion brand in the region dedicated to helping individuals whose lives have been touched by cancer.  Discover Blssd’s fashion+purpose driven label that blends clean design aesthetics and effortless quirk with a large dollop of urban sensibility. Blssd’s Limited Edition collections feature statement-making silhouettes, unexpected details and a focus on being comfortable but still oh-so-chic.  “We know that style is more than what you wear; it’s also about attitude” Stated Blssd, “The attitude we like the best is an attitude of gratitude”.

Sara Altwaim – Saudi Arabia

Born to a family of art lovers, Sara Altwaim developed a love for everything artistic. She took up writing poetry as a hobby and fashion design as her life’s passion.  After attending the college of arts and design in Jeddah, she went on to teach art and took the time to develop her own unique style in fashion. This Saudi designer is already well known in the region for her sumptuous bridal gowns, and her use of dense beading and embroidery. Her most recent collection, entitled The Vision, is inspired by wheat, and the good luck it’s meant to imbue, with the motif delicately worked across her pieces, tone on tone. With a growing maturity to her work, she is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Yara Bin Shakar – UAE

Yara Bin Shakar is an Emirati fashion designer known for exploring colour and print, seeking to inspire and empower her wearers. Yara brought a twenty piece collection celebrating all things whimsy. This time, her signature feminine aesthetic is enhanced with a cheeky nod to the cartoons of her youth. Bright linens and holographic chiffon add an element of lightness, worn confidently from day to night. With the upcoming festive season in mind, she has included bold hints to distinguish the wearer in a crowd; exaggerated collars, full circle skirts and ruffles.

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