Louis Vuitton launched the new Colonies


Louis Vuitton launched the new Colonies

Set sail to conquer new sensory territories. The Maison Louis Vuitton continues its wonderful and exciting journey with three new fragrances.

Set sail to conquer new sensory territories. The Maison Louis Vuitton continues its wonderful and exciting journey with three new fragrances. The concept of infinite vacation and wonderful destinations captures the sun, the sky, the gardens and the sea. An enchanting triptych of pop colors and the perfume of optimism. Sun Song, Cactus Garden and Afternoon Swim are three colonies that announce, amplify and prolong the feeling of summer.

Their names contain a promise of adventure.

We leave for California, where every landscape is relaxed: long stretches of foam-carved beaches await surfers; the unique way in which light filters through the dazzling neon lights; the frenetic colors of the road projected against a gentle and iridescent sky; Flourishing cactus terraces, eternally wonderful days and the stars, sports, real life stories that seem to come straight out of a novel or a movie … There is something free, passionate and wildly creative in the atmosphere of the West Coast. And this is what inspired the atmosphere for the creation of these fragrances that have all the spontaneity of the colonies together with the refinement of the perfume.

In his constant search for innovation, Louis Vuitton has created ‘Profumi di Colonia’, a new term that illustrates a particular alliance between the lightness of a drizzle with citrus fruits and the depth of flowers. Belletrud was a very personal challenge for master perfumer Jacques Cavallier. “I dreamed of creating an airy perfume. By placing the delicate border between a pleasant but fleeting summer water and the permanence of a perfume that is expressed on the skin over time. Sun Song, Cactus Garden and Afternoon Swim are the colors of summer and endless summer nights that they prolong because I created them with the same respect I have for the great perfumes, with rare and natural raw materials qualitatively exceptional. They are scents of light, with notes that explode revealing all their innate naturalness. ”

Sun Song, Cactus Garden and Afternoon Swim go straight to the essentials. Their structure highlights the authenticity of a flower, a plant or a fruit. Sun Song elevates the beautiful orange blossom into a perfume that is similar to the caress of a sunbeam. Cactus Garden invites the maté, the unique exotic tea, into a perfume and is like lying on an exotic patio. Afternoon Swim ennobles the orange in a perfume, that honest and always optimistic fruit, and seems to immerse yourself in an ocean of pleasure.

To emphasize the joviality of these new fragrances, Louis Vuitton invited the artist Alex Israel to complete its character with the creation of the packaging, just like a white canvas ready to be illuminated with color. A multimedia artist and director, Alex Israel is anchored in the modernity of the world around him and uses any vehicle to express his art. He is deeply inspired by his hometown of Los Angeles. City of contrasts rightly known as the City of Angels, where the sky that loves to paint is undeniably unique. He imagined each perfume as a reference point in his universe, combining each fragrance with an emblematic work of art to capture the spirit of each perfume.

Sun Song is dressed with “Summer”, an oversize sun lens that looks like a shot of light, Cactus Garden goes for a walk with “Desperado”, an installation that pays tribute to the fascinating landscapes of California. Afternoon Swim surfs on “New Waves”, a painting in which a large wave rises towards the immensity of the Pacific Ocean.

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