All you need to know about the new Issey Miyake Blink material


All you need to know about the new Issey Miyake Blink material


A journey born of a sudden inspiration, where unknown scenarios take your breath away opened the fw19 show of Issey Miyake designed by YOSHIYUKI MIYAMAE; kidnapped by new perfumes. You find yourself humming tunes and to try unforgettable flavors. To have thoughts never before had. Random encounters continue to stimulate our creativity.

“DOUGH DOUGH” is a freely modeling material, able to maintain the shape in a manner awesome. It has the ability to stimulate people’s imagination, revealing their soul artistic and creative. This season is a further evolution: the inclusion of a fiber similar to wool within the weave – in a wide range of colors – which makes the fabric softer to the touch.

“BLINK”, the new material of this season, presents a color palette that reminds the specters bright. The fabric is printed with a special resin creating a new kaleidoscopic effect. Through our innovations, new possibilities for wearing clothes open up.

ISSEY MIYAKE x UN is also the collaboration with UNITED NUDE comes in its sixth season, with the introduction of two new models.

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