Why Dawei fw19 is dangerous, but harmless?


Why Dawei fw19 is dangerous, but harmless?


Dangerous, but harmless. In DAWEI’s eye, the most fearful creature can be just as innocent as cat, full of tenderness.

Dangerous animals are approaching, but there’s no need to be alarmed. Child like drawing dinosaurs came in ‘crazy’ fringes, and the ‘scary’ claw scratches are even cute in a way.

Apart from the eye-catching knitwear and prints, dinosaurs are hidden in the silhouette, turning their spiky bones into asymmetrical ruffles and pleats.

Loud and powerful, are not only to describe dinosaurs, but also the 80s vibe. DAWEI turned to the disco age of shoulder pads and shimmering fabrics, adding a nostalgia touch into his modern looks.

DAWEI’s signature urban, minimal style are still playing the main role in the collection, with silk print total look, gingham halterneck dress, and winter staple wool coat, paired up with sporty high socks.

Photographer Gaby Acosta

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