Effortless elegance: Tod’s AW 19/20


Effortless elegance: Tod’s AW 19/20


It is particularly today that you live by accomplishing dress and opportunity. Elegance is born from the conscience, made of speed and ease: fast gestures, immediate thoughts, authentic expression. Tod’s proposes without effort an elegance supported by a knowledge of Italian, attention to detail and taste of beautiful.

In Tod’s wardrobe, the protagonist, naturally, the skin and ductile materials of a style that plasma on the person. The painted trenches, 1 perfect blazers, the stretched skirts, the shirts and the trousers from the exact and masculine are nappa. Classic elements of the dress, female returns from the comforts with heavy jersey ribbed jacquard Mediterranean, from the stretched stretches in life that restore the volume to the body and pure the feathers, that in the version without sleeves become passe-partout citizen. Are of light wear leather shoes or slipped with coulisse and curls that sign the life. The sense of spontaneity and immediate sophisticated and underlined by the hot and saturated palette: a talcamon of tone of leather and camel touched by the nuance of bordeaux, pink cipria, green dense and blue powder, on a base of black.

Speed and ease also feel the accessories, a strong sign of a sophisticated style that plays with unexpected equilibriums. Moccasins have masks of metal, boots and galoche soles decepted. The d-styling, destructured without losing the allure ladylike, and the bag of today and tomorrow, together with buckets and small cross body, summaries of an idea of spontaneous and immediate research.

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