Do you know the new manifesto of Vivienne Westwood?

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Do you know the new manifesto of Vivienne Westwood?


Here the new manifesto of Vivienne Westwood, between politics and fashion:

“We’re Talking This Show, We’re Walking This Show

Something Has To Happen!


7 Bn People Don’t Know

The Source Of All Life Is The Rhythm Of The Cosmos / U Evolved Together With The Earth Within The Changing Cosmos / U Learnt To Speak / This Is What Makes U Different From All Other Animals / U R Man The Talker: Homo Loquax / The Earth Is Our Home.

I Have Designed A Set Of Playing Cards They Illustrate A Plan To Save The World From Climate Change. The Solution Is In The Cards.

7 Bn People Don’t Know

It’s Already Started To Happen / The Guess Is 1bn People Left By The End Of This Century / Scientists Know This Will Happen, But They Don’t Know Exactly When Tell Children The Truth

I Belong To Intellectuals Unite. What Is An Intellectual? Somebody Who Wants To Make The World A Better Place + Reads Books. We’re Activists!

Intellectuals Unite Represent The Suit Of Hearts. Hearts Stand For Culture. We Call Ourselves Iou, Not Iu But Iou – A Life.

If We Had Culture We Would Not Be In This Mess, The World Would Be In Harmony, Our Ethos Would Be Peace. Consumption Is The Enemy Of Culture.

Happiness Is Becoming Who U Really R. Forget Yourself, Follow Your Deep Interest And That Way You Will Be True To Yourself.

U Get Out What U Put In; If U Piss About Sucking Up Pleasure + Eat Everything That Comes Easy: Consump!

Fashion’s All About Styling: Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last.

Rot$ Short For Rotten Financial System, We Represent The Word System By A Dollar Sign: Rot$

Diamonds Are For Money, Rot$ Is All About Consumption.

Everyone Knows Rot$ Is The Mechanism That Favours The Already Rich By Taxing The Already Poor. Democracy Thrives Only When We Achieve A Fair Distribution Of Wealth. / The Answer Is 1 World Rent.

Rot$ Is The Cause Of World Death. It Self-Destructs + World Self-Destructs With It.

Politicians Are Antipeople, They Don’t Have One Humane Thing To Talk. They Can Only Talk What The Market Wants. They’re The Oracle Of Rot$. And This Is Global. Rot$ Rules.

7 Bn People Don’t Know, Rot$ Is Death.

Democracy Isn’t Working. Brexit Is A Crime. Cooperate, Don’t Cut Yourself Off From The World.

Stop Climate Change! Tell Kids The Truth.

I Am Styling This Show With Art Work From The Vivienne Westwood Foundation.”

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