Chanel Valentine’s Horoscope…ALL YOU NEED IS RED!


Chanel Valentine’s Horoscope…ALL YOU NEED IS RED!


Lucia Pica, Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer, is the eye of CHANEL. An eye capable of predicting the future of its emblematic color: red, the nuance par excellence of Valentine’s day.

From 11 to 14 February, on Instagram @ CHANEL.BEAUTY account, Lucia Pica will give her predictions, based on the CHANEL horoscope that predicts: on Valentine’s day, all you need is red.



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It’s time for innovation dear Aries ! Full horoscope below ⬇️ ARIES ✨ 💥 Aries, the hours that come invite you to embrace the philosophy of a pioneer of the electronics industry: “Innovation means saying no to hundreds of good ideas”. Celebrating Valentine’s Day with the first one to come along is a good idea. But, saying no to that good idea in order to hone your culinary skills on a dinner for one, is an innovation that could change your love life. Forget about moderation. Head off to the corner grocery store with the Extrême shade of ROUGE ALLURE VELVET EXTRÊME on your lips. You just might meet your soulmate in the individual portions’ aisle. And if, despite your efforts, the day ends with disappointment in both love and cuisine, all is still not lost. As said by a German philosopher who was inspired by Plato and the sacred Indian texts: “Solitude offers the man of great capacity two advantages: the first being alone with oneself, the second not being with other people.”
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