What will be Chanel’s novelties in Basel 2019?


What will be Chanel’s novelties in Basel 2019?

In 2019, the ÉDITION NOIRE features the PREMIÈRE, BOY∙FRIEND, MONSIEUR watches in intense black, Mademoiselle Chanel's color of predilection.

The first watch created exclusively for women in 1987 by CHANEL, inspired by the octagonal shape of the N°5 bottle-stopper and that of place Vendôme, the Première is an icon since 30 years.


With an ADLC-treated strap and case, and black-lacquered dial, the new limited edition Première watch embraces intense black for an even more rock look.

The shape: The Octagon. A creation inscribed in the watchmaking vocabulary of the House with its sober, refined design, strong lines, and its signature shape. The design is both contemporary and classic, and its angles are polished or satin-finished.

The inspiration: The Masculine. CHANEL takes its first feminine creation, the PREMIÈRE, into masculine territory. The BOY∙FRIEND watch holds within the art of twisting the elements from the masculine wardrobe so dear to Mademoiselle Chanel. With its enigmatic name it doesn’t think twice about shaking up the classic, feminine watchmaking codes.

This year, the BOY∙FRIEND watch is expanding its universe with new “Grand Feu” enamel Tweed watches and a Fine Watchmaking Skeleton, Caliber 3, in intense black.

In 2016, CHANEL presented the MONSIEUR, a watch specially designed for men.
It all started with a desire, a vision and a drawing.
This watch did not exist before, it was dreamt up.
Its movement did not exist before. It was designed to bring it alive.
Its watchcase did not exist before either. It was created to house it.

So this is how it works at CHANEL, desire gives birth to tools. From desire comes a creation. Between power and discretion, the MONSIEUR watch with instant jumping hour and retrograde minute is equipped with the CALIBER 1, the House’s first in-house high-watchmaking movement.

In 2019, a new intense black version of the MONSIEUR watch will be unveiled with a black ceramic case.

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