Winter Fashion Trends 2018

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Winter Fashion Trends 2018


Winter has only just started, so there’s still plenty of time to get some of the latest outfits in your closet! The autumn/winter fashion trends for 2018 have already hit the high-street, but you’re a few months away from worrying about what to wear for summer, so here are some of the ways you can keep your collection current and on trend.

Layers are in and not just because they’re a great way to keep warm. The fashion industry is currently mad for the idea of layering, and not just coats on top of your usual outfits either! Try a roll-neck under a cute dress, a denim jacket under an overcoat, an oversized scarf belted up with a coat and a short dress over trousers.

Slouchy Boots
Boots come in all shapes, sizes and colours but for winter 2018, the slouch boots are back in fashion. It might be something to do with the 70s revival that’s taken the fashion world by storm, and you might still have a pair lurking in the back of your closet. Why are slouchy boots so popular? If you’ve ever tried tucking your jeans into a tight-fitting pair of boots, you’ll understand why!

The Colour Brown
It was a hit in the 70s, and it’s been resurrected for winter 2018. You may be amazed at how many different shades of brown there are to choose from. Fashionistas are saying that brown is the new black, so get something for your collection. Wear an eye-catching knitted dress in chocolate brown or mix up the various shades for a complimentary look.

Animal Prints
Animals prints are everywhere, and everyone is wearing them. You’re going to feel a little left out if you haven’t got at least a couple of examples. Leopard, zebra, snake, cheetah, cow, and crocodile prints have been gracing the catwalks at all the major shows. Pick a coat, shoes, a dress, trousers, or animal print accessories in almost any colour you can think of.

Scarf Prints
Scarfs are no longer meant for wearing around your neck. The latest trend to hit the fashion shows is to wear them as slinky dresses and tops. Pick a scarf in the most outrageous colour and pattern you can find and tie it up around your curves.

The little black number has been relegated to the back burner this winter. Keep your eye on the celebrities because there’s going to be a lot of legs getting shown off this winter. The party dresses they’re choosing are made using silk, satin, and velvet are being taken to another level with heaps of crystals, sequins and brocade. To complete the party look, choose elaborate shoes, bags, jewellery, gloves and sunglasses. The aim is to sparkle and shine from head to toe, so include some shimmering nail art from

Jazzy Sweaters
We’re not talking Christmas sweaters here but knitwear that packs a punch, either in colour or pattern. Prada, in particular, has embraced the idea of logo jumpers and there are some jaw-dropping styles to choose from.

This is a small selection of the winter fashion trends for 2018. Pick one or two or combine them all for the trendiest outfit ever.

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