Total White FW1819 Holiday Campaign


Total White FW1819 Holiday Campaign


In the run-up of the upcoming Christmas holidays the Ukrainian-Dutch fashion brand TOTAL WHITE has shot the light atmospheric campaign, the main characters of which are clothes from the brand’s ready-to-wear FW1819 collection.
The location is our favorite Kyiv bar with cocktails, hot-dogs, old movies and vinyls. The focus is on slow weekends without the alarm-clock, but with long noisy breakfasts, double desserts, yesterday’s hair and big plans for the upcoming day, year and life. In such days you can wear something sparkling before the sunset, mix your wedding dress with vans, show the other reality to your office suit and play the baby doll role in the splendid tulle skirt. Just for fun.

TOTAL WHITE RTW FW1819 collection consists of 15 white – as everything the brand does – looks that can be mixed between one another. The materials used are crepe, poplin, chiffon and Italian tulle.
The average price of the look is about 250 USD.

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