Egyptian mood for Chanel makeup Métiers d’Art show 2018/19


Egyptian mood for Chanel makeup Métiers d’Art show 2018/19


What were your sources of inspiration for this makeup? What brief did Karl Lagerfeld give you?
The inspiration was clearly Egyptian and I wanted to give a more abstract futuristic feel. The black and white are the beginning of colors, blue and gold were picked from the collection as per Karl Lagerfeld’s request. I proposed a few looks and he really liked the feeling of the one chosen for this collection.

Can you describe the fashion show makeup?
It’s fresh, graphic and tells the story of the collection.

Do you have any professional tips and tricks to share with us?
I used the PALETTE ESSENTIELLE for a fresh yet flawless face. I applied the eyeliner with
LES PINCEAUX DE CHANEL Eyeliner Brush, through back and forth movements to get a
strong black effect and finish the end into a very thin line to give the impression of movement.

Is there a product that you particularly enjoyed using for this makeup look?
The CALLIGRAPHIE DE CHANEL Hyperblack eyeliner was just a perfect product for this look!

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