Stella McCartney announces the launch of Stella McCartney Cares Green


Stella McCartney announces the launch of Stella McCartney Cares Green


Stella McCartney announces the launch of Stella McCartney Cares Green, following the foundation’s initial launch with Stella McCartney Cares Pink this past October.  This new addition, Stella McCartney Cares Green is dedicated to the designer’s pledge to support sustainability, while Stella McCartney Pink focuses on the designer’s Breast Cancer Awareness efforts.  Stella McCartney Cares is the newly launched UK registered non-profit charity platform with a dual focus in supporting the designer’s on going personal commitments and causes close to her heart.

Stella McCartney has always committed to ethical values, and believes in being responsible for the resources used in her designs and the impact they have on the environment. Building on this ethos Stella McCartney Cares Green will focus on bridging the gap between the fashion industry and vital information and understanding on sustainability.  The foundation will work with innovators, support on the ground efforts to protect the environment, offer grants and developing awards programmes with an underlying focus on knowledge sharing that will drive the next generation of disruptive animal-free, sustainable materials.

Stella McCartney Cares Green aims to create positive change in the fashion industry and the world at large by inspiring and empowering individuals, students, professionals and businesses to embrace sustainability.  Through creating an open-source online platform to honestly share findings of the foundation and the years of learning that the brand has acquired, as well as commission research, reporting, and information – aiming to cut through the noise and confusion that currently surrounds the concept of sustainability within the fashion industry. Thus allowing empowerment to anyone who wants to learn about sustainability.

The aims of Stella McCartney Cares Green will be focused on the 3 following key actions:

1.)     To support on the ground efforts to protect the environment through grant giving to NGOs as well as the formation of a fund to enable lawyers and lobbyist around the world to fight for environmental protection where it is most needed.

2.)   To sponsor a crucial shift in attitude and practices on topics like materials innovation, sustainable design, circular economy, and animal welfare.

3.)   To educate, share knowledge and change the way that the next generation of designers acquires information about sustainability.  To open the minds of fashion students by challenging existing educational practices, leading the way for a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly future.

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