How to Look After Your Skin this Winter


How to Look After Your Skin this Winter


Winter can be a magical time when the snow starts to fall and everyone begins getting excited for the upcoming holidays. However, as Christmas approaches, the cold weather can be bad news for your skin, causing it to quickly dry out and go red. When the weather outside is miserable and frightful, you need to have some handy tricks up your sleeve for keeping your skin glowing through the frost and remaining healthy right through the season. To give you a helping hand, this guide will give you three brilliant tips on how to look after your skin this winter to ensure you are always looking your best for all the parties and dinners you will find yourself attending in the coming months.

  • Treating your skin to some luxury

There is never a better time to treat your skin to a little bit of luxury than the upcoming winter season. With the cold weather fast approaching, you need to make sure your whole body is soaking up as much moisture as possible to combat the dryness of the outdoors. An excellent place to start when you’re thinking about giving your body the VIP treatment is by exploring the Pairfum organic skin-care range. One great thing about the products from Pairfum is that they are free from colorants and solvents that are found in most skin care brands which actually do a lot more harm than good. The best, natural way to have your skin looking and feeling restored this winter is to use their body wash infused with shower oils to help moisturize while in the shower, followed by using their body lotion in a soothing perfume.

  • Going back to basics

The main problem area to deal with during the winter months is your face because it is one of the only parts of your body that will be consistently facing the harsh weather. You can reinvigorate your skin, however, by using a homemade moisturizing face mask recipe that will help to restore some health in your skin. A truly simple one to try is by mixing milk and honey, massaging in for five minutes and then letting it get to work for twenty minutes before washing it off. Doing so will give your skin a natural glow and plumpness.

  • Pucker up

A huge skin problem in the winter weather is dry, chapped lips. Licking chapped lips will only make them sorer and cause them to dry out more quickly when the cold air hits again. Therefore, it is very important that you find a quality lip balm to combat the potential of cracked lips and give you some protection. Start by having a look through the best lip balm guide to see which product will help you out the most. Finding an organic product with as many natural ingredients as possible will be the best choice as formulas that focus on petroleum jelly actually prevent your lips from absorbing moisture. Taking care of your skin this winter is essential and now you know how to do so in the best way!