Moon Sun Earth: Peet Dullaert SS19

Moon Sun Earth: Peet Dullaert SS19


The Peet Dullaert Spring Summer 2019 collection honours the triangular connection between the Moon, Sun, and Earth. In particular celebrating its mighty influence on the ocean tides, rain cycles, and nurturing form of the natural divine surrounding us.

Through manual and technical manipulations inspired by the tidal phenomena designs resonate fluidity with a liquid appearance. The intricate gravitational pull translates in dropped waist-lines, elongated, and extended volumes.

Exploring further; shapes are turned inside out, upside down, and constructions reversed calling for alternative perspective.

A symbolic interaction between heavenly bodies is highlighted through spiral column shaped ‘Axis-Mundi’ cuts, knitted, and tailored to embrace and flow around the body. Together with drop-shaped forms executed in among other Peet Dullaert’s signature Techno-pleat techniques, the collection continues to deliver fashion design made for modern posture and the inquisitive mind.

The ocean whether glistering wild, or calm, inspired detailing with significant luminous reflection; plated by hand in luminous 24K gold, painted sheer silver or crowned with lustrous pearl. Emphasising on internal reflection, an incorporated mirror graces the inside of certain clutches.

Spring Summer 2019 proves to be a valid metaphor to once again address the need to protect our divine Earth and ocean’s from troubling pollution and further decay.

“Inspired by confidence. Tailored to liberate.”

Creative Direction: Peet Dullaert
Models: Kaina, Yamar, Jorben and Jana at Jill Models Management
Casting: Mitch Macken – MM Casting