How to have a Lifestyle like a Rock Star

How to have a Lifestyle like a Rock Star


Everyone dreams of one day having the luxury lifestyle of the rich and famous, seeing the world, and enjoying the finer things. There is nothing that encapsulates this more than the classically stylish and effortlessly cool life of a rock star. If this is something you aspire to, then never fear, as you do not have to be selling out stadiums to start living a better life. In this guide, you will find some of the essential ways you can shake things up in your life so that you are able to add a touch of celebrity glamor. Read on, and you will find out everything you need to know.

The main essential
The staple of any rock star’s life is their instrument and, if you want to take this lifestyle seriously, you will need to have the best instrument possible. Buying a state of the art piece of kit can be costly but this can be remedied by using a Musicians Friend Promo Code as doing so will mean you save money while not having to compromise on the quality of the gear you are buying. Having the perfect instrument on display in your home will instantly add glamor and make visitors impressed. A great idea is to have your instrument on display next to your vintage record collection or by your new stereo so that there is a specific place in your home purely dedicated to enjoying listening and playing music.

Dress to impress
Rock stars are infamous for their iconic images and the fashion cult they lead, inspiring designers everywhere. You yourself don’t need to be a fashion trailblazer in order always to look ready to step on stage for a big show. Instead, by using some simple fashion tips, you will be able to find your own unique style. A staple of any rock wardrobe has to be black leather boots as these will not only go with every outfit and be durable, but they are an item that has stood the test of time and been adorned by nearly every famous pop icon of the latter half of the twenty-first century.
A modern staple of this style is to use metallics, be it in clothing or accessories, to make an outfit pop. Two great suggestions that are bang on trend at the moment include a metallic structured blazer, paired with ripped skinny jeans, or flowing kimono, paired with a bohemian style dress for contrast.

Live in luxury
When talking about the lifestyles of famous musicians, one of the first things that will spring to mind is the amazing tours they will go on all over the world in luxury hotels. It is then good news that it is easy to learn how to make your home look like a luxury hotel so that you can feel as though you are living in indulgent five-star splendor.
One of the first things you can do is redesign your bathroom as a miniature spa, adding classic touches like a claw foot bathtub or a hot tub, tiled flooring, and a waterfall shower head. In every room of the house, a great way to create a more opulent atmosphere is by adding in lavish lighting fixtures that can become the focal point of each room. Alongside these ideas, an easy answer to make any home look incredible is by adding fresh flowers to every room. Doing so will add pops of color and a fresh scent throughout your home making it brighter and more inviting.

Going on tour
Speaking of going on tour, another staple of the rock star life is going on extravagant vacations to beautiful places all over the globe. What you will be glad to hear is that you don’t need a celebrity’s paycheque to fulfill this ambition. Using frequent flyer miles or buying plane tickets during January sales can help you keep the travel costs down. In terms of accommodation, if you are able to do things spontaneously, then using sites that specialize in late room booking can get you some incredibly cheap deals on hotels that can have up to five whole stars. Of course, the easiest way to save money when looking to see the world is to travel out of season as this will mean that the places you go will be less crowded so that you are able to make the most of the time you can get away.
Living a rock star’s lifestyle is easy if you follow these guidelines.