Four Jobs in Fashion Besides Modeling

Four Jobs in Fashion Besides Modeling


Fashion is one of the most influential and lucrative industries in the world. It is also far more complicated and nuanced than you might think and is so much more than just modeling. To get into this industry is tough, and the work is demanding, but in turn, you get access to some of the most influential events and products in the world. The world of fashion draws in women and men from all walks of life, and within it, there is a place for everyone. To find this place, however, you just need to know what’s out there, which is why if you are interested in the fashion industry, here are the top four positions to consider (that aren’t modeling):

Fashion Stylist

Every look you see on the runway, every curated outfit you see in a magazine, and even celebrity looks you see on the red carpet and on the street, have something in common – a stylist. Stylists know that there is so much more to fashion than the clothes you wear. You need to nail every single part of your look, from your manicure to your accessories. A bold CND shellac nail polish color can be just as critical to the success of a look as the shirt you wear. Creativity is your limit, and it is up to you to help either the products or the person pop.


Textile Innovator

The hunt is on for new, luxurious textiles, and those textiles cannot and won’t be found naturally. Despite this, the new materials that are emerging today are completely natural. Think of the Piñatex leather that mimics the look and feel of leather but, rather than be made of plastic; it is made from pineapples. Textiles can be made from wood pulp, from coffee grounds, from bananas, the lotus leaf, and even from weeds like stinging nettles. There are so many new and innovating textiles out there, and the more textile innovations there are, the more choices designers will have to create sustainable and ethical clothing for future designs.

Fashion Photographer

For every fashion product, there is a fashion photographer. This is particularly important today as online shopping has become popular worldwide. Not only do you need to take photos of the product itself, but models in those products. The better you can capture the product, the more successful you will be.

Fashion Designer

The most glamorous of fashion jobs, is, of course, the fashion designer. Though there is nothing from stopping you from starting your own fashion label, you do want to ensure that your designs are highly marketable beforehand. Consider being an in-house designer for a big fashion brand or finding investments from fashion gurus who believe in your brand and your designs to get started.

There are many innovative and great positions in the fashion industry to choose from. You are only limited by your own ambition. The fashion industry is huge, and it has many different roles, yes, but it is also highly competitive and can be difficult to get in to. Don’t let this deter you, however, and you can become a success in a role you absolutely love.