New York Fashion Week: Homecoming of Proenza Schouler

New York Fashion Week: Homecoming of Proenza Schouler


Proenza Schouler took it home this fall and presented their Spring Summer 2019 collection at New York Fashion Week. The collection not only marks a homecoming, but also a new beginning.

Exploring American sensibility, the Proenza Schouler’s woman embodies a diverse cross-section of New York Characters. Firmly rooted in reality, embracing the core of American materials and techniques – Denim, Cotton Gabardine and Poplin, and reimagining them in an artisanal touch grounded in contemporary city living.

Continuing Proenza Schouler’s connection to art, both as a reference and a muse, a relationship with Isa Genzken emerged. The Berlin-based woman, artist, and icon, has dedicated a significant amount of her work to her experience and obsession with New York city and has been s great inspiration for Jack and Lazaro. Designers have referenced the spirit of Isa Genzken, as both artist and woman, in their work this season.

Widely recognized for her significant, pioneering contribution to sculpture, Genzken created an installation using garments made for the collection. Drawing loosely on the legacies of Construtivism and Minimalism and often involving a critical, open dialogue with Modernist architecture, her interest lie in exploring contemporary political and social ideologies.