“Journey” with Mercedes-Benz #WeWonder in New York Fashion Week

“Journey” with Mercedes-Benz #WeWonder in New York Fashion Week


New York Fashion Week provided Mercedes-Benz #WeWonder manifesto with Carol Lim and Humberto Leon and their theme, “ Journey”.

The innovative and progressive design duo together with the famous drifter Sasha Velor created the spring 2019 defeats on Sunday 9th September. This was followed by a panel discussion on Monday, September 10th, which hosted the three who debated and debated the theme of “Journey”.

As Lim explains, “you always need to know where you are at every step, because they are everything that accumulates to help you take you to the future.” The event, entitled “The Gift of Showz,” was a scene of special guests and a lively show celebrating the drifting arts both in New York and in the world. The event took place at Le Poisson Rouge, the famed Bleecker Street venue which states its mission as reviving the “symbiotic relationship between art and revelry” and the establishment of “a creative asylum for both artists and audiences.”

 “We are excited to continue our partnership with Mercedes-Benz and #WeWonder for our show and afterparty this season. Sasha Velour is someone we admire not only for her unmatched craft, but her desire to break boundaries and spread a message of inclusivity. We can’t wait to see how the performance we’ve created together will resonate with her fans and our community around the world beyond the event.” Humberto Leon & Carol Lim, founders of Opening Ceremony.

With the Mercedes-Benz and #WeWonder activation series, the trio has added # mbCollective, which has grown by making its own creations. Their voices are aimed at destroying gender stereotypes by leading an “ultimate Queer collective”; assembly of leading figures from art, fashion, music and culture to raise the message of people without labels.

The #WeWonder Fashion Story

At #WeWonder, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Story brings seven international visionaries together who innovatively and inspiringly explore the potentials of the future together. The #mbcollective Fashion Story brings Slick Woods together with the social activist Kimberly Drew, designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon (opening ceremony), the artistic director Hans Ulrich Obrist, Hypebeast founder Kevin Ma and the musician Solange Knowles. These global visionaries from different sectors jointly develop a vision driven by confidence, inspiration and creativity. Each of these visionaries conducts a discourse on a provocative and at the same time essential topic.

The #WeWonder manifesto

Nobody knows how exactly the future will develop, but fashion has its ways of formulating important questions concerning our dealings with each other. So how will the fashion world as a whole respond to this future and the future of mobility? How can fashion create a platform to explore our potential? The #WeWonder manifesto will use numerous digital channels  to communicate with the numerous voices in the fashion world and examine this question.

CASE stands for the future of mobility: (Connected), autonomous driving (Autonomous), flexible use (Shared & Services) and electric drive systems (Electric). It makes the vehicle a third living space alongside the home and work, one which we can shape as we wish thanks to the time newly saved. But what does this mean with reference to the fashion world? The journey to work could be redefined, for example as the time of the morning when we get dressed, i.e. the self-driving car of the future could be transformed into a mobile dressing room. The time thus saved would give us unlimited potential possibilities.

Over 23 years Mercedes-Benz has established itself worldwide as a major player and title sponsor of selected fashion weeks and events. The brand is currently involved in more than 40 countries all over the world, including for example the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks in Berlin, Istanbul and Sidney, as well as the acclaimed International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères. Moreover, Mercedes-Benz has particularly made a name for itself with its support for talented young designers.