East meets West in SHIATZY CHEN 2018FW campaign

East meets West in SHIATZY CHEN 2018FW campaign


The Silk Road is the place where East meets West. Inspired by Dunhuang, an important military center near the point of intersection of North and South Silk roads in history, SHIATZY CHEN designers inspired the beauty of this city to fall / winter menswear and womenswear in 2018.

SHIATZY CHEN’s designers used elegant skylines from the 1950s to unite the eastern and western elements and develop and interpret the rich colors of Dunhuang. The disturbed result of the brand’s concepts and design ideas came to life as a striking interlude of retro and avant-garde.

As the brand enters its forty year, it continues to look towards the future. Designed by Design Director Shiatzy Chen, BluePrint reaches every corner of this year from colorful outfits to fashion shows and promotional films. This season, once again co-operating with German photographer Serena Becker who has captured spontaneous moments in the relaxed and entertaining dynamics created by photographer herself.

This season’s publicity video features models Lorna Foran and Xue Dongqi together with Nicolaj Springborg. They convey the season’s themes and present the looks with a cool spontaneity that is enhanced by the handbag and shoe embellishments to fully bring out the elegance of both the women’s and men’s fashions of the 2018 Shiatzy Chen autumn/winter collection.