Steps To Take When Looking For A Job In Beauty Or Fashion

Steps To Take When Looking For A Job In Beauty Or Fashion


When you are looking for a job in industry or fashion, there is a lot to consider. You want to make sure you are going for the right job for you, but also, you want to make sure you give yourself the best chance, and also completely look the part.

Know the Company

Every company has a unique brand and style, and so the companies you wish to work for will most likely also reflect how you dress and the designers you enjoy. Along with the style of the company, the brand and principles it operates by will also be important. If you are hoping to work for a designer company, then you may wish to ensure your outfit is more haute couture then high street.

You will also need to make sure you have thoroughly researched the history of the company, for example, before the interview, so you can give the best impression and show a genuine passion and interest for the company. A good place to start in terms of searching for your dream jobs are sites such as Gumtree, and by clicking here, you can find fashion and beauty jobs in Glasgow, Manchester, London and other fashionable cities.

Deciding what to wear for a job interview can be tough. You need to look professional, but you also want your personality and style to shine through. Whether you have your dream interview lined up or you’ve just begun your job hunt, it’s best to have an office-friendly outfit ready for the big day. However, knowing how to dress can become a lot more difficult when it comes to working in beauty and fashion.

Outfits to Consider


Black dress trousers

Forget the LBD (little black dress). This season, it’s all about black dress trousers for the workplace, teamed with a smart blouse or jumper. A classic pair of black slacks is an essential piece for your wardrobe, and they can be dressed to suit the formality of your interview. Opt for full-length slacks to give you height, or cropped to show off peep-toe heels.


Navy blue blazers

All black can look a little dull, so dress up your darker tones with a navy blazer for a smart or casual business look. Blazers work well with a blouse, a shirt and even dark-washed jeans for a more casual interview look. Opt for three-quarter length sleeves for a less formal look.


Statement dresses

If you’re interviewing for a job in the fashion sector, a statement dress is a great way to express your personality and avoid looking too demure. Avoid heavy patterns, but opt for a dress in an interesting color like scarlet or forest green to stand out to prospective employers. The great thing about a dress like this is that you don’t need to add too much jewelry to get your style across – the dress speaks for itself. Just make sure the cut of the dress is relatively modest, as revealing necklines and short hems are often deemed inappropriate in a professional setting.


Printed cardigans

Don’t be afraid of bold prints when dressing for your job interview. While the rest of your outfit should be plain, a printed cardigan can dress up an otherwise boring suit while still looking professional. Just steer clear of anything too bright or snazzy. Stick to a two-toned print and keep the rest of your clothing fairly demure to give off a sophisticated but stylish appearance.


V-neck jumpers

The preppy office look is still going strong, and a V-neck jumper is a great way to dress down formal trousers or a skirt. You can team your jumper with a collared shirt or blouse with a bow to add more texture to your outfit, or team it with dark jeans and heels for a smart/casual look.


Wherever you are in your career, dress to impress with these interview outfit trends for women. Remember to keep jewelry and accessories to a minimum and wear subtle make-up. One statement piece is a nice touch, but remember that fashion is highly subjective – so don’t go overboard on the prints. Keep it simple, be yourself, and employers are sure to remember your air of confidence.