The Foods for Healthy Skin and Hair

The Foods for Healthy Skin and Hair


As the saying goes, ‘you are what you eat’, and what you fuel your body with shows on the outside. Busy lifestyles, late night partying or simply just a lack of understanding about food can all have an effect on our diet and can leave us feeling sluggish and not looking our best. However, eating the right foods can transform our looks, and gives us that inner sparkle we strive for again. Below is a guide to the fruits and vegetables we should be eating to have healthy looking skin and hair.


A green leafy vegetable which is great to use raw in salads or cooked in hot dishes, Spinach is rich in vitamins and minerals, meaning it has a vast variety of health benefits. Spinach, such as Chinese water spinach (also know as kangkong), may help slow down the ageing process caused by cell damage, helping you to stay looking youthful for longer. If that sounds good, why not grow spinach at home to eat whenever you feel like it? You can find kangkong seeds for sale online at East-West Seed, and it is an easy crop to grow.


This nutritious nut is full of omega fatty acids, as well as protein. The omega acids help the body to retain moisture, helping your skin to stay hydrated and plump, as well as adding shine to your hair.


Did you know that tomatoes help protect your skin from sun damage? It is thanks to the lycopene content, which acts as a natural sunscreen. UV damage is bad for skin health, as well as increasing the appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, you need to wear a daily sunscreen, as well as eating tomatoes, for skin that glows with health, rather than from the effects of too much sun.


There are many ways to eat coconut, and all parts are beneficial to health and vitality. Coconut oil has vitamin E and K, and this helps healthy hair growth. Coconut water is said to be even more hydrating than water, due to the electrolytes it contains. It helps skin to stay hydrated.


Not usually viewed as a health food, Oysters contain a good amount of zinc, which is essential for healthy growth of hair, nails and skin cells. They also help skin tissue repair itself and improve blood circulation, which all helps to improve the appearance of our skin.

Oily Fish

Oily fish like mackerel, sardines, and salmon are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, known to have benefits for health and our appearance. Eat three portions of oily fish per week for shiny hair and healthy skin, as well as the variety of other benefits it brings to your health.

The right foods can do wonders for our health and well-being, as well as keeping us looking good. After all, your body needs the right amount of nutrients to stay healthy, so when you eat a variety of foods, you are getting the broadest amount of different nutrients, vitamins and minerals. If you feel like your appearance could be better, try adding a few beauty foods to your diet and see the difference it makes!