Staying Beautiful with Regular Exercise: How to Make It Fun

Staying Beautiful with Regular Exercise: How to Make It Fun


Daily exercise is essential for staying beautiful, healthy and fit, but does it have to be boring? Fitness enthusiasts love the gym and they actually thrive in it, but what if you are not a fitness enthusiast right now? What if you just want to exercise in order to stay fit and look good, but don’t exactly enjoy the physical labor itself as much? Does it mean that your fitness goals will remain unfulfilled and you will quit after the first month or maybe even the first week? Well, the thing is that you don’t necessarily have to love exercise to stay in shape and by the time you are done reading this article, you will probably be pretty eager to try out at least some of what you will read next.

Find a Gym-Buddy

Joining the gym with a friend ensures that you will be far more regular than if you were going to the gym on your own. Doing anything with a friend is fun and exercising, in particular, begins to feel like a team activity, rather than just an hour of physical labor. The concept of gym-buddy is not new and has helped many professional fitness models and bodybuilders over the years. If you can’t find a gym-buddy from outside the gym, make a friend inside and team up for some mutual motivation!

Join a Form of Martial Art

“Martial arts” is a very broad term really. It describes all forms of fighting techniques and that’s an advantage in this situation. Feel free to choose whichever one appeals to you the most, but we would recommend leaving something as extreme as MMA or boxing out of the fold initially because the chances of getting hurt are pretty high there! The exhilaration and excitement of learning something that could actually be used in an emergency situation is fun and exciting, not to mention pretty grueling as well.

Use Your Headphones

Being in the gym can often be distracting, even when it isn’t boring, which is an even bigger problem because you would be spending even more time in the gym than necessary to complete your daily routine. This eats up a chunk of our daily free time, which often acts as another reason for us to slowly quit exercise altogether. When you put on a pair of headphones, though, things improve drastically. Noise cancellation and isolation capabilities are important features when it comes to headphones for running and exercising, so learn more about them before actually buying a pair. Whether you are running in a park or on the treadmill, nothing will distract you as your favorite workout playlist keeps you focused and entertained at the same time, eliminating distractions and boredom like a pro.

Learn to Dance

Irrespective of one’s gender, learning to dance will not only keep you extremely fit, healthy and flexible, but it will also make you happy too. If hitting the nightclub during the weekends to dance your heart out seems like a lot of fun, why not turn it into something productive as well? You will be getting a whole lot of cardiovascular exercise, in addition to learning a new and highly appreciated skill. Besides, it will put your party game on steroids if you actually know how to salsa or hip-hop. Any other form of dance will work too, as long as you enjoy it.

Reward Your Efforts

When you make a positive change in your life, people will inevitably take notice, and that’s true in all aspects of life. However, when that change is in regard to your beauty quotient, the compliments will flood in. That in itself is enough to keep a lot of people in shape because vanity is a powerful motivator. Sometimes though, we need more than external compliments to carry on. In times like that, you are the only person who can reward yourself sufficiently enough. To make things fun, you should be setting goals and assigning rewards to each of those goals, which essentially turns even hardcore exercise into a game. For example, rewarding yourself with a single cheat day (breaking the diet and eating whatever you like) after six days of daily workout always works like a charm. However, you should also be willing to skip the cheat meals if you failed to work out for six days straight – if you want to see some results.

Start Playing Sport

Choose a sport and start playing it, just like you used to back when you were a kid. It can be anything from squash to soccer, but the sport needs to give you a good workout because that is the ultimate objective here. Playing sport is never boring and it is always good exercise, so it’s pretty much a win-win scenario here. In case you can’t even find a tennis court near you, start playing with your children in the backyard as even that can be pretty good exercise, given how energetic children always are.

Get a Running Dog

If there is a dog in your life already, you can have loads of fun and exercise while playing with the pooch as it is, but just in case you don’t, it’s time to get a running dog. A running dog basically means a canine breed which is genetically inclined towards leading a super active life. Prime examples of breeds which could be the perfect companion for your long running or jogging sessions include American Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Dalmatians, German shepherds, Rhodesian ridgebacks and, of course, the highly intelligent and enthusiastic border collie. Running with a pet is always fun and it should be enough to keep things fun and exciting.

Most people quit the gym because it’s just too boring or too strenuous for them, but now that you know how to take care of that part, you are left with one less excuse to give up on your fitness goals. Besides, going to the traditional gym is not even necessary anymore, especially with so much helpful content available online to guide you towards the right path. Always remember that it’s never too late to get fit and become beautiful, so it’s never too late to start exercising for that exact reason either.