How To Immerse Yourself In The French Fashion Scene

How To Immerse Yourself In The French Fashion Scene


Home of the Paris Fashion Week and such legendary fashion houses like Channel and Dior and Louis Vuitton, France is the capital of the world when it comes to being in style and has proven to be the most chic places on earth throughout history. So, it stands to reason that someone with a passion for looking good, design, and flare, going to France and experiencing their expertise and innovation up close is an absolute dream come true. In this guide, you will be taken through some essential advice for visiting France, making the most of it, and really diving in head first to their cultural style legacy.

Learning the language
Before anything else, you will need to make sure you have some grip of the language because how on earth can you navigate your way through the cities and shops if you can’t even understand how to ask for directions? Even if you don’t have a natural aptitude for languages and took woodwork at school rather than language studies, never fear, as there are lots of options available now that you can try to help you on your way with getting familiar with the lingo, such as Talk in French. Prepare before your trip and get a handle on the basics. It is very useful to get to know the basics of the language are there are lots of dos and don’ts you will need to be aware of to avoid awkwardness. The French language can be tricky because it contains words that sound like English words in an accent that you will initially believe you can use with ease and confidence but be warned, there is actually a lot of double entendre to be had if you are not careful.

Knowing your history
Whether you are going to France for a weekend visit or short trip, or are looking to make connections and contacts for a future career there, you will want to take a quick look at the development of French fashion, its history, and influences. This is so you are able to enjoy a deeper appreciation of what you see around you and how it relates back to the fashion you love so much. For example, the concept of ‘French Girl Style’ has blown up over the years into a huge cultural discussion on the ever-growing demand for French fashion export.
Another, more historical, example of how much influence French fashion has is that it was in France the first lose fitting coats and dresses began to be made and brought into the mainstream. This might not seem like such a revolutionary fact today. However, it actually brought about the end of women wearing corsets, a practice which had been going on for centuries.

Following the right crowd
Of course, if you have such an interest in fashion that you are making the long journey all the way to France, then you need to be aware of these influential French fashion bloggers so you can be up to date with the latest innovations from the industry. One blog you need to check out is Pardon My Obsession, which focuses solely on content about the Paris fashion scene with well informed and organized material. Another blog to have a look at is Une Libanaise À Paris which is perfect as they have contributions in both French and English making it a good place to look at when you are still getting to grips with the language.

The right style
If you are going to France to learn about fashion, then you want to get off on the right foot, and this means learning how to dress like a French woman so you can fit in with the high glamour and effortless style of the country. A defining feature of French fashion for every day is that it focuses on the understated whilst still maintaining a unique look that endures throughout. For example, a delicate, textured blouse in a neutral color, paired with jeans and loafers would cross the borders of looking stylish, comfortable, and even professional. You can find a plethora of French style ideas online to get you started on your packing and to make sure you bring back home the most fashionable items you can lay your hands on.

Some final pointers
France is a place filled with history, ingenuity, and excitement so, of course, it is impossible to fit everything you can do there into one article but here are some little extra factors to consider on your trip so you can make the most of your once in a lifetime holiday to the hub of world fashion. Of course, if you are infatuated with fashion, then there is no better time to go to France than during the Paris Fashion Week. During this week, you can undertake some sightseeing of your own, as you scout out the new designer collections from some of the best fashion houses in the world. The added bonus of attending such a prestigious event in the fashion calendar is that you also might just spot some of your favorite celebrities and be able to steal to picture with them that you can take home and show off to your friends and family.
Another great thing to do whilst holidaying in France is to, obviously, update your wardrobe but, doing this by traveling back in time to one of the many, boutique style, vintage shops Paris has to offer. Here, you can fill your closet with everything from timeless classics to one- off statement pieces that are rocketing back into the high fashion spotlight. It is always worth having a look at the local museums in France as they hold a wide variety of exhibitions that might just take your fancy, including the history of French Fashion or a display of period clothing to give you a sense of the regality in France. The world of high fashion awaits, so what’s stopping you?