That’s How Exkite create a connection between kiters and Barneys

That’s How Exkite create a connection between kiters and Barneys


EXKITE brings forward its unique sustainable streetwear Story with new interesting chapters.

As EXKITE enters a 2nd decade in the European fashion world, it is coming into its 2nd year in other main international Markets, making its one-of-a-kind products hot items for the savvy sustainable consumer, high streetwear aficionado, or anyone desiring a bold, expressive piece with its own story. This is because EXKITE uses upcycled kites to handcraft their garments into comfortable, sustainable, one-of-a-kind testaments to eco-friendly design and fashion.

EXKITE’s outerwear continues a journey that started high over the waves, and EXKITE’s diversity of jackets include a special label saying where each kite has flown and with whom. Imagine owning a bold garment that once soared high over the Mediterranean or kissed the cold and clear sun of Scandinavia. Now, imagine carrying that story with you through your own outdoor or urban adventure. EXKITE shows progress and innovation in sustainable fashion, recently collaborating with U.K.’s Christopher Ræburn, award-winning designer known for his ethical and inventive approach, and H. Lorenzo, a West Hollywood streetwear favorite. At the recent record-breaking Milan Design Week, EXKITE was guest star of the style icon Rossana Orlandi who has featured the brand in a dedicated installation within her famed Studio Orlandi and later will host EXKITE in a special exhibition dedicated to sustainability and contemporary lifestyle design.

Within the gallery, the EXKITE pop up store has been a huge success. EXKITE parkas, each a masterpiece of the brand and made out of three different kites, sold out in just three days to the international, design savvy crowd. At the White Street Market in Milan, EXKITE anticipated its exclusive collaboration with Barneys NY. This special project will see two co-branded kites fly around the world, from Hawaii to Los Angeles, from San Francisco back to Sardinia where they will turn in a unique and fully sustainable Capsule Collection EXKITE for Barneys available in their flagship stores in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami. During the WSM event, chosen for its sustainability focus, EXKITE revealed the teaser video of the EXKITE for Barneys project. The capsule and the EXKITE collection will be launched at Barneys in November.
However, the very special event for EXKITE at the White Street Market was the live customization of a unique sail piece. Special guests, creatives, djs, painters, writers, and designers were asked to leave their marks on the kite during a special workshop where Renzo Mancini and Eirinn Skrede shared the unique story of EXKITE. EXKITE is also considering for 2019 the launch of a truly immersive, and contemporary Brand Experience in an exclusive location. Stay tuned on that. A celebration of individuality, EXKITE authenticates this value in every unique, handmade garment with their Original collection made from 100% upcycled kites, and their new line of contemporary streetwear incorporating select pieces into their designs. Men’s and women’s jackets, bombers, and parkas start around $500 and range to over $1,000. They feature t-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, and shorts starting around $100, and accessories around $50.

EXKITE is the creation of world-class kiter Renzo Mancini and Norwegian stylist and creative director Eirinn Skrede, a husband-and-wife team that mirror the unique and international offerings of EXKITE, or as Skrede puts it, “They’ve kissed the waters in Brazil and they’ve been fighting the snow in Norway, and that’s us.”