#newdesignertofollow YAVI ARCHIE

#newdesignertofollow YAVI ARCHIE


Starting out on the design for SS18 – “We opted to keep the very first collection as small as possible to ensure that we focused on the fit, textures & silhouettes. This is because its the very first collection that the current world is able to witness”.
Ultimately it gives the consumer a distinctive attitude and confidence when they are dressed in YAVI ARCHIE. This brand has decided to keep the colour palette simple but contrasting one another.

Black and White speaks to every generation & ethic background. This is why the print uses black & white, furthermore they added a shade of cyan blue which has the element of a calming sensation that creates a world. YAVI ARCHIE prides itself on this shade as it is the beginning of a new world that cross-pollinates with the current world.

• Colour block signature t-shirt that states the start of something with an unlimited presence.

• Encaged Lion or… that you are encaged in a confusing world – you have the option to decide which way you are looking at the image as looking “into the darkness we see” the unexplained.

• Both sweatshirts combine the calculation and expression of being free in your own world the YAVI ARCHIE being established in 1996 which is brought into the current world in 2018. A message we pass on for people to remember is “until everyone is free, no one is free”.

• YAVI ARCHIE have ensured that the hoodies challenge the classic silhouette and attitude with its own take of its own unique multiverse

About YAVI ARCHIE: “ YAVI ARCHIE is a British based fashion house which combines the elements of movement and elegance. The founder and creative director goes by the name of “AY”. YAVI ARCHIE stands at the crossover of high fashion, street culture and contemporary expressionism. The house clashes between these aesthetic worlds to provide its own take on luxury which brings boldness from the urban fashion culture, together with effortless design that creates YAVI ARCHIE. Each collection embraces the calculation and measurement by creating pieces that challenge the classic silhouettes by focusing on fabric, fit and attitude. YAVI ARCHIE collections currently cater for men’s and women’s ready-to-wear. The overall mission is to encourage authentic expression through fashion, in an anti-aesthetic manner. We leave you with this thought… YAVI ARCHIE clothing is unconventional, which reflects an attitude and individuality that is not pressured. “ The overall understanding of YAVI ARCHIE – “a luxury brand combining the elements of movement and elegance”

Web page : https://www.yaviarchie.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/YAVI-ARCHIE-2109283539143617/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/yaviarchie/