Yumi Katsura FW18/19: The Quintessence of Japanism

Yumi Katsura FW18/19: The Quintessence of Japanism


Yumi Katsura celebrates the 160 years of friendship that unite France and Japan by releasing her couture collection Fall-Winter 2018/19 “The Quintessence of Japanism”.

Inspired by famous artists like Gustave Klimt, Alfons Maria Mucha, Charles Martin and Emile Gallé, this collection honors them by mixing the curved lines of Art Nouveau with the culture of Japanism. Yumi Katsura builds a bridge between Japanese ancestral techniques, such as Nishijin Ori weaving and the traditional Yuzen silk dyeing technique with French femininity: elegant, self-confident and timeless.

Yumi Katsura focuses her inspiration on colorful prints such as the famous “Ichimatsu Moyo” motif, also known as “checkerboard pattern”, and collaborates with the Liberty luxury fabrics known for its Japanese floral motifs.

The materials are precious, natural and traditional, associating audacious colors involving the East and the West. The combination of colors and details gives a jovial and majestic dimension to the collection. Yumi Katsura strengthens her attachment to french « savoir-faire » and her Japanese heritage.