How To Plan The Perfect Bachelorette Party

How To Plan The Perfect Bachelorette Party


Pick a theme, choose the entertainment, send out the invitations and get ready to surprise the bride-to-be with the wildest bachelorette party ever! If you’re currently searching the web for how to plan the perfect bachelorette party, this is the article for you. These parties are meant to be fun for everyone involved, even the planner! So, if you’re stressing, stop right now. There is absolutely no need to stress.
Instead, have fun planning it! Your best friend or sister is about to get married, and she is expecting a crazy, fun, or chilled out bachelorette party, even if she has not uttered those exact words to you. Here is the process in four easy steps. Follow these tips and you are on your way to throwing an amazing bachelorette she won’t forget.

The very first step in planning the perfect bachelorette party is to brainstorm ideas. What is the theme of the party? Take into consideration what the bride likes, and even discuss with her what she prefers for the party. It’s important to know ahead of time whether or not the bride wants more of a relaxing bachelorette or a night out in Las Vegas decked out in jewels. You will have to plan with the attendees as well, and consider the budget of everyone involved when choosing how big or small the event will be. Not everyone can afford to burn money in Las Vegas on a weekend bachelorette, so get creative with your options. If you can’t fly somewhere, you can always use the appropriate décor to make a particular space look like the desired destination.

Choose the entertainment
The entertainment of the bachelorette party is key. Are you hiring the bride’s favorite band to play somewhere? Or, if you are going for a more stereotypical party, hire Central Coast Strippers to throw a party she is sure to remember. After all, parties need good entertainment to keep the excitement going. Remember to plan it so that it’s an occasion the bride-to-be will always remember.

Send out the invitation
If you’ve chosen the theme and the main entertainment of the night, it’s time to send out the invitations. A bachelorette with two people will not leave the same impact as one where all of the close friends of the bride attend. The more, the merrier, so make sure to plan a save the date ahead of time.

The surprise element
One of the very best parts of this event is the surprise element. If you choose to involve the bride every step of the way that is fine, but nothing will put a smile on her face quite like the surprise. If she is not expecting it to happen on that particular day, her
excitement will intensify. An epic bachelorette party will definitely require some planning, so start in advance. Do not leave it to the last minute, as this will cause unnecessary stress and last minute bookings are never ideal. Follow the tips outlined here, and it is guaranteed everyone involved will have an amazing time!