Facetasm showed his Spring Summer 2019 collection

Facetasm showed his Spring Summer 2019 collection



I questioned myself: what is the point in classifying the world by the old codes, or why do we divide the world by the conventional rules for the sake of convenience?

I really don’t know. 

I often find the same beauty between two extremes.  I always embrace different feelings that are never incompatible. 

I can’t always agree with the system of classification someone I don’t know once set. 

If you try to find a reason there, there wouldn’t always be an explicit answer.

Because, the world always has some contradictions, complexity and irrationality.

I don’t see the point in trying to give an explicit and intricate meaning to the ambiguity.


Beyond the conventional categorizations or rules, or in between the lines, maybe I can find the place for the work to fit in.
So let’s not try to spell out the obscurities, but put together anything you like with no codes, no rules, no reasons.

Thats how we put together this collection.


We’d like to give our thanks to our outstanding fabric makers who realized my feelings that I couldn’t even outline, the great team at the Woolmark Company who connected us to them, and to Vibe Harsløf who shares the same sensibility and created beautiful jewelry for us.