Top Travel Trends for 2018

Top Travel Trends for 2018


You have a new allowance for vacation leave at work, and you are itching to use it. You have looked at all of the usual hotspots, but you perhaps want something new and on trend for this year? Well, every year there are new ways and new destinations where tourists enjoy their well-deserved vacations. If you want to know the latest trends and must-see places for your next holiday, then here are a few examples.

The Land of the Rising Sun is aiming to double its number of overseas tourists by 2020, and it is doing a lot of work to attract people to visit and to bring their friends. New routes are already being planned with Norwegian Air supposedly looking to open up a route. The rumor is that they may offer a flight from London to Tokyo for as little as £199. If that is the case, then this will make Japan a much more realistic prospect for many travelers.

It might sound like an odd term, but in fact, the concept is great for those that want more from their business trips. Bleisure is the act of adding a couple of days to the end of your business trip for some leisure. It is certainly a big disappointment for many business travelers that they never get to see beyond their hotel room or the conference center. It is also a good way to have a little relaxation after a busy trip while still letting the business pick up the tab for the flights. You will probably have to use your holiday leave for these days, but it does mean you get to explore the countries you visit a little before you go home.

Cold Climates
Hot destinations are no longer seen as the places to go for a holiday. More people are choosing to go somewhere cooler with Iceland, Antarctica and Norway top of the list. You might wonder why this trend of colder countries has replaced a nice sunny beach. The fact is that many people see these colder climates as an escape into the wild. They want to have an adventure on their vacation, and that means going where the wildlife like to live. There are places such as the Arctic Haven where you can experience a safari with wolves, caribou, grizzly bears, and Wolverine.

Multi-Generational Holidays
More people are looking to experience new locations and holidays with their family. It means a new term has emerged; the ‘3G’ holiday where three generations of the same family all go on vacation together. It might mean packing all your things in a new roof rack and heading off on a road trip somewhere. You can see more here about the best types of equipment to take with you. Or it can be booking that special vacation for your grandparent’s wedding anniversary.
The vacation has now become more about the individual and exploring far from the same old destinations. It’s also become more about family and going somewhere that you can have an adventure with all generations of your nearest and dearest.