Amsterdam and Its Culture

Amsterdam and Its Culture


In many ways, Amsterdam is more than just the usual stories of vice and other activities.
There is a whole other side to the city that many people don’t always get to explore. Although many people look to explore and experience Amsterdam in just one day, you need to have at least a couple of days to get the best out of the many bars, museums and places of interest. It will also give you the opportunity to delve deep into the traditional areas such as the red-light district. Here are a few of the many places of interest in this beautiful city.

Located southwest of the city center, Vondelpark is a huge 116-acre green space that is popular with tourists and locals alike. Not only is it the largest city park in Amsterdam, but it is also one of the most revered in the whole of the Netherlands. During the day, you will see many people sitting and enjoying the nice weather, along with people having picnics and playing games. There are ponds and playgrounds in the park which will be ideal to let children run off a little steam. There is also a rose garden, cafes, rollerblade rental and an open-air theater. Although the park is a hive of activity during the day, it can get quite dark and lonely at night.

Anne Frank House
The now famous 15-year old girl who penned her diary lived in this house. Tourists can go to see this place where she was hidden away for two long years until she was captured and taken to a concentration camp. There are many artifacts inside this house including the original copy of her diary along with items from the time she spent there. Some of the artifacts from the annex where she stayed are no longer available as they were stripped away during the war. However, there are audio tours that explain how it looked at the time. The house always attracts many visitors and long lines, so it is best to go as early as you can. The whole experience is described as emotional and educational, and this is why it is always so popular among tourists.

Verzetsmuseum – Dutch Resistance Museum
Many people who have studied the exploits during World War II will know of the heroic actions displayed by the famous French resistance. However, there was also an active resistance in the Netherlands, which was kept a closely guarded secret for a long time. The museum holds a lot of history of these brave individuals including authentic objects, photos, films, and documents. Many of these documents show how the resistance in the Netherlands tried to cause problems for the Nazi occupation forces. People who have visited the museum have found that is makes you question what you might have done if you were in a similar situation. There are audio guides to help you through the exhibits, and they are translated into Dutch and English.

The Van Gogh Museum
For those travelers looking for culture, the Van Gogh Museum is the highlight of any visit to Amsterdam. The museum holds the worlds largest collection of his paintings including “Sunflowers” and “Almond Blossom.” Many people come to see the works of this troubled artist who cut off his own ear and then committed suicide at the rise of his fame. In fact, this museum regularly tops the most visited museums not only in Amsterdam but the whole of the Netherlands. You need to book tickets for this, as it is always a popular tourist hot spot. Although the museum doesn’t house some of his more famous works, there are many of his earlier sketches and paintings.

Red Light District and Famous Cafes
Even if you have come to Amsterdam to see other sights, there is always the draw of the famous red-light district and the cafes known for selling an infamous herbal product. Tourists often walk through the red-light district at night to see the girls in the windows, which might seem a little odd, though its worldwide fame has made it as much a tourist hot spot as any other. Although you might need to be careful about sampling the herbal products sold in some of the cafes, the fact that it is legal in Amsterdam makes it seem almost natural. You can view here for more advice on how to make yourself a home-made bong just in case.

If you are looking for something that is a little tamer than the red-light district, then you should head to Leidseplein or Leiden Square.

It is the center of Amsterdam’s entertainment scene and is full of many types of entertainment both night and day. It is filled with nightclubs, movie theaters, concert venues, and casinos. There is also the odd café as well, so you can sit down and enjoy the music and dancing. As well as all of this entertainment, there are also a number of restaurants that cater to a wide variety of cultures. These are well received by many of the tourists and means that you can easily spend the whole day in Leidseplein and also well into the night.

De Pijp
De Pijp is also known as the Latin Quarter because of its 19 th -century architecture and its mixture of different cultures. There you will find many ethnic restaurants and a range of shops selling all manner of products. It is the part of Amsterdam that many people including tourists find to be authentic and the heart of the city. It could be because of the trendy bars and restaurants that are located there along with a modern music scene. There is also a famous street market, the Albert Cuyp Market where you can find many different types of food and gifts that might make the perfect present for those back home. There is a lot more to the city of Amsterdam than just the seeder side; it is also steeped in culture, history and a modern flavor that makes it perfect for all.