Maison Michel signed a special capsule for Royal Ascot

Maison Michel signed a special capsule for Royal Ascot


They go by the names of Auguste, Charles, Blanche and Virginia. These four enfants terribles clad head to toe in black and white garments are about to attend the races of Royal Ascot, before taking off to the French Riviera.
The mighty quartet never leaves the house hatless, and for this Frenglish trip, they are bringing along a capsule of four pieces in the same palette as their summer wardrobe.

Boater hats come wrapped in Plumetis lace layered with perforated PVC, for a trompe l’œil polka dot effect. The same juxtaposition appears draped around straw hats, either natural or embellished with stripes or checkerboard pattern; it also comes draped around pared down floppy hat.

These designs are intended to suit the British event just as much as the Gallic beach.
Their undisciplined sense of elegance suggests a sense of escapism and freedom found within a rigorous frame.
« I try to detach my mind from anything that might clutter it, from all of its worries, all its vanities, may that be good or bad, what I do has no importance » wrote Eugène Ionesco in Le blanc et le noir. This collection is dedicated to this book, and follows his mission to confront – visually and symbolically – black and white tones: the former simultaneously becomes all colors and none, the latter turns into a source of light.

« Music is the silence between the notes » once said Claude Debussy.

This dialogue questions the notion of presence and absence, visible and invisible, and reconciles seemingly opposing strengths.

The models will be available at two points of sale, the London boutique and Maison Michel’s e-commerce.