CHANEL provides support at Lemarié exhibition in 33rd International Festival of Hyères

CHANEL provides support at Lemarié exhibition in 33rd International Festival of Hyères


CHANEL is the major partner in the 33rd International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion accessories in Hyères and the principal sponsor of the permanent exhibition of (Charles et Marie- Laure de Noailles, une vie de mécènes), at the villa Noailles.
As part of this collaboration, CHANEL provides support for the festival’s fashion activities as the official partner of the makeup cabin for the festival’s fashion shows. In addition to this, the prize-winners of the Grand Prix of the Jury Première Vision and of the Grand Prix of the Fashion Accessories Jury Swarovski will have the opportunity to undertake a project with CHANEL’s Maisons d’art that will finance the development of silhouettes and accessories, respectively, in their ateliers with the value of 15.000 euros for each winner. On top of this, CHANEL supports the Photography Grand Prix of the Jury, where the prize-winner will receive a donation of 15.000 euros.

The CHANEL partnership with the Hyères Festival, a festival that encourages and champions young designers within the fields of fashion and photography, is part of the House’s historic commitment to support creation.

‘I want to be part of what happens’ Mademoiselle Chanel liked to say. Through this collaboration with the International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères, CHANEL demonstrates its wish for openness towards different creative worlds, and once again reaffirms its commitment to creativity and avant-garde.

During the event which will take place in Hyères from 26 to 30 April 2018, numerous performances will take place, including the Lemarié exhibition and workshop:

Feathers, flowers, couture, pleats, the four signatures of the House of Lemarié exhibited on the walls of a room at the Villa Noailles. Samples, details, textures, assemblies, reappropriations and transformations all compose each theme thanks to the precise focus of the limitless imaginations belonging to the artisans working at Lemarié. In the middle of the room, a metallic structure highlights a series of black and white photographs. Close-ups on the manual skills of the flower makers, the dexterity of the pleat-makers, the plumassiers and the other couture artisans.Alongside the images, words from the house lexicon seem to float in mid-air: cut, burn, waffle, encrust, boil, curl, fray… a reserve of dreams, a crystalline haiku of ancient techniques perfectly imported into our contemporary creation. All the treasures of this Maison d’art with its creative roots.