What are the new designer from Belarus Fashion Week

What are the new designer from Belarus Fashion Week


Belarus Fashion Week – an international professional event, aimed at the promotion of designer clothes «prêt–a–porter» and «prêt–a–porter de luxe» in Belarus. First season of BFW was held in Minsk in the fall of 2010.

In accordance with international practice of organization of such events, Belarus Fashion Week is held with support and combined efforts of companies working in fashion, financial contribution of partners and official support of the State. Through progress and growing credibility, Belarus Fashion Week promotesadvancement of domestic design and provides a positive reputation for Belarusian companies, both within the country and abroad.

Day 1


In her FW18/19 collection, designer Anna K continues to grapple with the idea of ​​reorganizing what is an outdated model for the fashion system, introducing blockchain technology into the processes related to the production of her collection, along with interaction with partners and the end user. The key symbolism represented in her collection is that of Fashion Coin – her brainchild, and the first fashion-focused cryptocurrency, which has been created to provide for key processes within the fashion industry. This new chapter in the history of her Decentralized Girl line talks about the reincarnation of a naive girl, into one that is involved and savvy, and who strives to be a part of this new wave, a girl that thinks globally and progressively in terms of fashion and the industry itself. The Decentralized Girl is envisaged to be part of the ‘crypto world’, the holder of a Fashion Coin wallet and a key member of the blockchain community. Main prints of Collection is texts from Bitcoin Whitepaper and decorative metal pendants dedicated to Fashion Coin.



The life-asserting beginning in the collection autumn-winter 2018/2019 in accordance with the DNA of the brand BALUNOVA is expressed in clear lines and minimalistic images with complex constructive solutions. The collection of the future autumn-winter season 2018-2019 BALUNOVA consists of 4 capsules: Black, Dark Navy, Sand and Gray, each of which presents an incredibly wide range of jackets with hypertrophied shoulders, especially relevant in the upcoming season, cotton shirts of different silhouettes and colors, overalls of original cut with an openwork lace, dresses from a dense jersey, woolen trench and soft cozy coats which look really fresh and refined. With the help of classical silhouettes, Larisa Balunova creates new forms, experiments with colors, volume and details. All things in the collection are combined both inside the capsule and among themselves. The basis of the color palette in the autumn-winter collection is 2018/2019 – gentle nude shades, black, gray, cozy brown-beige, which blend harmoniously with the most fashionable colors in the coming season: ultraviolet, spicy red-brown, dark emerald green hues.

Day 2


The spring-summer collection 2018 of the brand NATALIA KORZH is called “The Bride of the Wind” and is dedicated to Gustav Klimt – one of the most outstanding representatives of the modernist style and leader of the Vienna avant-garde of the turn of the century. Inspired by the work of Klimt, the theme of chanting women’s beauty and sensuality runs throughout the collection. The models use ornamental motifs, as if taken from the works of the great artist. Small patterns on the print form a solid pattern and look on the models romantically and playfully. The combination of warm shades with colder ones gives them a piquancy. Used atypical color solutions – mustard green with shades of blue and burgundy, emerald and straw-yellow. In the collection “The Bride of the Wind” there is a chaotic combination of patterns, different textures and fabric compositions, such as: silk with wool, viscose with linen and others. This: long shazyubli in combination with shorts, trousers with cuffs, flying and flowing dresses of luxurious silks, straight long dresses with stacked draperies, high waist on trousers, long pleated skirts and light oversets overcoats. The motto of the collection is “Easy ease and freedom, courage and sexuality”.


Italian fashion brand, which participated in Belarus Fashion Week with support of Italian Embassy in Belarus in the framework “Embassy Designer Support Program”


Day 3


Moving to the future with modern aesthetics and a touch of nostalgia – this is how you can characterize the new collection of the Lakbi brand of Autumn-Winter season 18-19. The designers did not ignore the main trends of the coming autumn and clearly put together unique images, combining the most stylish street fashion stars, things from the basic wardrobe with more complex ones, combining sports with classics and diluting the familiar images with a minimalistic layering. The color restraint of the collection is offset by a new cut and shapes. The designers focused on the waist, strapping shirts, dresses and jackets with leather straps. A kind of brutal, broad shoulders, voluminous raincoats and coats emphasize the power of femininity. But the biggest “highlight” of this season is the release of the men’s clothing line, which is made in the best stylistic traditions of the company. The new collection has a lot of energy and dynamics, inspiring confidence and strength.


On October 28, in the framework of the Belarus Fashion Week, a new collection of the brand T.Efremova (@efremovatn, designer Tatyana Efremova) of the spring / summer 2018 season will be presented. Speed! Technologies! Development! Progress! We are constantly in a hurry, not having time to understand what is happening. Stop! Stop, look around! Look into the eyes of the person standing in front, hold out your hand, say: “I’m OPEN TO THE WORLD! I WANT TO UNDERSTAND YOU! And I WANT TO BE UNDERSTANDING! “We can broadcast clothes belonging to groups and social strata, nations and countries, clearly expressing their position in life. Putting on certain clothes, we want to be seen, heard, understood. In the new collection of designer Tatyana Efremova there are pictograms – one of the elements of the “clear language”, reflecting the most important recognizable features of an object or phenomenon, which is why they are easily interpreted. In the collection of embroidery – pictograms are present as an element that carries a message in it, and models of clothing – as a connection, which includes acceptance and understanding. In the author’s collection of the spring-summer season 2018 everything is just as “clear” – the designer presents natural fabrics, leather and clean forms in summer coats, dresses, jackets with trousers, shirts and light coats with fur trim.