Ellery FW18: eccentric yet refined

Ellery FW18: eccentric yet refined


“My desire was to create a collection that was both sensual and sophisticated. I had in mind a woman who is curious and deliberate, curating her world as a personification of how she thinks – and feels.” – Kym Ellery

This second chapter of Fall ’18 takes a journey into the world of a collector and looks not only at her collection but at the woman who came to curate. Eccentric yet refined, what inspires her to collect? Made for the night, this collection presents a new Ellery woman with an offering of pieces that are destined for adventure. Velvets, leather, lamé and silk, each fabrication could be imagined in the curator’s space, clashing with one another whilst finding a rhythm. Hand embroidered pearls playfully outline the female form and sheer, weighty sequins cling, then hang from her body. Silhouettes are svelte and lithe, the many bias-cuts effortlessly drape with supple fluidity. The collection’s colours are opulent with electric blue, cola and rouge working alongside rust checkerboard jacquard and silver tinged zebra-print velvet.

Quilted satin embroidery capes bring volumes as does the warm, shaved shearling coats.
Her collection of jewellery is made up of strong industrial shapes and monolithic objects. Like her personality it is a collage that reflects her eclectic spirit. Amongst the gold and silver metals flashes of hand painted red enamel, fresh water pearls and faceted crystals appear.

To collect and cherish is an ongoing sentiment that Ellery seeks to embody. This second half of the Fall ’18 collection offers a new approach to night time dressing and prepares the Ellery woman for her journey – whatever it may be.