Paul&Yakov celebrates the diverse provinces of Russia

Paul&Yakov celebrates the diverse provinces of Russia


The collection celebrates the diverse provinces of Russia. Each model marks an airport index; from SVO for Moscow, to Blagoveschensk for Russia’s far East. Designed from the country of extreme climates, vast lands and unlimited landscapes., each and every piece is perfectly created to withstand all weather conditions. The famous Russian PO2 fence stitching is another ode to the brand’s heritage -born in the USSR, raised in the new Russia. Materials are of the highest quality, with interesting detailing like reflective cords and rubbed buttons and zippers, giving the coats extra edge. Pure natural down and oversized silhouettes makethe pieces ideal for layering.Designed to last for a life-time of winters, P&Y embodies conscious consumerism at its very core, creating beautiful pieces that warm and excite.

Photographer: Alexey Kiselev

Hair & Make-up: Julia Tochilova

Model: Irina Kulikova @ Nik Model Management Designs: Paul & Yako