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Chanel Baselworld


The new Chanel watches presented at Basel


The first watch created exclusively for women in 1987 by CHANEL, inspired by the octagonal shape of the N°5 bottle-stopper and that of place Vendôme, the Première is an icon since 30 years.

For 2018, CHANEL presents the Première Rock Gold, a new twist on the Première Rock, issued in a limited-edition series of 1,000 pieces.



Launched in 2000, the J12 was the first watch to dare transforming high-tech ceramic into a precious material. Firstly in radiant black and in 2003, in immaculate white, the number 12 becomes part of the House’s symbolic numbers.

For 2018, CHANEL presents a set of 12 one-of-a-kind watches, each decorated with an abstract composition produced in ceramic marquetry. The 12 pieces together form a polyptych, showcasing a graphic design by the CHANEL Watchmaking Creative Studio.

In the same artistic spirit, two J12 watches in black and white, inspired by the number 12, are issued in a limited-edition series of 1,200 pieces in each color.

By multiplying it in variations and venturing into the creation of limited editions and exceptional pieces, eighteen years after its creation, CHANEL continues to pay tribute to this watchmaking icon.



A Jewel. A Watch. Codes.

At first glance, a bracelet that sparkles around the wrist. A jewel. Initially, one recognizes the clasp of the 2.55 bag. This jewel is a code.
Then there are two hands. This code is a watch. The eyes then glide along the quilted bracelet. The watch is decoded. A jewel. A watch. Codes.
This watch is called: CODE COCO.

The CODE COCO watch closes with a click like the quilted 2.55 bag, created by Mademoiselle Chanel in February 1955, whose clasp adorns the heart of the watch’s dial. Open or closed, it conceals or unveils the time discreetly hidden there. Time itself, is a secret to be protected.
A diamond subtly shines on a black dial, the maker of a precious allure. Its supple bracelet, so light the tinniest movement is unhindered, recalls the beginning of this quilted design. For 2018, CHANEL presents, for the first time, the CODE COCO watch in black ceramic, a material of predilection for CHANEL Watchmaking. A tribute to a story, style and look, the CODE COCO watch carries the ever-renewing codes of CHANEL.



The shape: The Octagon. A shape that brings the emblematic and iconic Première watch to mind, as a tribute to the legendary N°5 bottle and to Place Vendôme. A creation inscribed in the watchmaking vocabulary of the House with its sober, refined design, strong lines, and its signature shape. The design is both contemporary and classic, and its angles are polished or satin-finished.

The inspiration: The Masculine. CHANEL takes its first feminine creation, the PREMIÈRE, into masculine territory. The BOY∙FRIEND watch holds within the art of twisting the elements from the masculine wardrobe so dear to Mademoiselle Chanel. With its enigmatic name it doesn’t think twice about shaking up the classic, feminine watchmaking codes.

In 2018, CHANEL presents the BOY∙FRIEND Skeleton.
For the first time, the BOY∙FRIEND watch, created in 2015, houses a Fine Watchmaking skeleton movement, the Calibre 3.
After three years of development, this third in-house movement is designed to be beautiful at any angle.
Floating in its octagonal BEIGE GOLD case, it features a series of interlinked, vertically aligned circles. The mirror-polished BEIGE GOLD chamfering emphasizes the movement’s depth. The bridges are at the back, allowing the watch’s beating heart to stand out.



The jewelry watch collection, entitled “Mademoiselle Privé”, opens the door to the intimate world of Gabrielle Chanel, and showcases her most cherished symbols and objects she loved to have around her. In the hands of the finest master artisans – enamellers, engravers, carvers and stone-setters – this collection adds yet another chapter to CHANEL’s creative saga and uncovers new grounds for expressing unsurpassed skill and know-how of the Métiers d’Art craftsmanship used in Fine Watchmaking and High Jewelry.

For 2018, CHANEL presents for the first time a Mademoiselle Privé watch fitted with a Fine Watchmaking movement, the Calibre 2.1 Camélia Skeleton.
Its ethereal geometry tracing a Camellia flower, this movement was drawn and designed in-house by the CHANEL Watchmaking Creative Studio and developed and assembled by the CHANEL manufacture in Switzerland.

In becoming a showcase for Fine Watchmaking, the Mademoiselle Privé collection pens a new chapter in its creative history. Its aesthetic qualities and technical skill are elevated to Métiers d’Art in their own right.




In 2016, CHANEL presented the MONSIEUR, a watch specially designed for men. It all started with a desire, a vision, and a drawing. This watch did not exist before, it was dreamt up. Its movement did not exist before. It was designed to bring it alive. Its watchcase did not exist before either. It was created to house it.

So this is how it works at CHANEL, desire gives birth to tools. From desire comes a creation. Between power and discretion, the MONSIEUR watch with Instant Jumping Hour and Retrograde Minute is equipped with the CALIBRE 1, the House’s first in-house high-watchmaking movement.

For 2018, CHANEL welcomes the Lion into the collection to present: two versions of the Monsieur watch; a one-of-a-kind pocket watch fitted with a new version of the Calibre 2, the CALIBRE 2.2; and a clock in a limited-edition series of 5 pieces.