New winter-warm for Ksenia Schnaider FW 18

New winter-warm for Ksenia Schnaider FW 18


Ksenia Schnaider has presented a new collection F/W 2018-2019 in Paris.

In the new collection the designer duo of Ksenia Schnaider has decided to utilise new materials and technology, consequently creating a line of captivating and unique designs. New, winter-warm items, such as demi-denim mittens are available with designs in different colours, a denim ushanka-hat and a denim “fur” coat, became great additions to the fall-winter 2018 collection. Many of the pieces incorporate new takes on trends inspired by Soviet times, but instead of the traditional materials the line uses alternatives to fur, creating a modern twist on classic styles.

Details made of braided textiles, as well as tencel and sateen elements, beautifully supplement the collection’s pieces, in contrast to the usual prints that have been showcased previously.

Another of the standout ideas, which characterises this collection, is the decision to leave street style behind and create a more elegant and feminine look. To achieve this more refined look, dresses from various materials were created, including a stunning denim corset dress, in addition, some designs were created from mesh, which has added lightness to the line.

Despite the fact that the line is full of new and beautiful pieces, the designers haven’t forgotten about their famous “demi-denims” made from reworked vintage denim, which are always a great addition to any of their collections.

Each unique piece is made by hand, starting from the careful selection of the material and spending days creating the final product. “Every day is a new challenge for us, as we work with special kinds of raw materials, there are often unpleasant surprises – sometimes it is impossible to find a specific shade of denim that we need, then things do not come to the ideal state after dry cleaning and we have to “withdraw” them, and so on.” – Ksenia Schnaider.