Creative and Unusual Present Ideas

Creative and Unusual Present Ideas


Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or just because you care, gift giving can be a tricky code to crack. If you want to get them something special, but if you can’t afford something too expensive right now, how do you avoid generic gifts and find them a present that shows you care about them. The most important thing about choosing the right gift is the amount of thought that you put in: you want your gift to reflect the person you are buying for. As long as you take the time to really consider what to get your friend or loved one, it doesn’t really matter what you buy; but if you are still struggling for ideas, here are a few unique gift ideas to get you started.

Homemade gifts
Homemade gifts show someone that you have taken the time to actually put effort into their gift and fashion something just for them. When you make your own gifts, it’s not so much about what you are giving, but rather the fact that it’s from you. Take into account what the recipient of your present enjoys: if they’re the type of person who spends hours in the bath, then why not make them a personalized bath bomb? These are pretty easy to make and you can incorporate scents and oils which you know they would enjoy. Homemade wall art, such as string art, also makes a great present; to make this, simply get a wooden board, stick pins into it to create the outline of a design, and wrap string around it until you get the desired effect.

Bespoke Coins
The recipient of your gift doesn’t have to be a coin collector to enjoy something like this. ChallengeCoins4Less can create bespoke coins with your own personal design on them, in a range of metals of your choosing. This is a wonderful idea for an incredibly personal gift, especially if they’re in the army or navy. You could get an important date printed on them, and include a design which will be special to the person you are buying the gift for. This is a keepsake they will have for the rest of their lives, and every time they look at it, they will think of you.

Wood burning
Wood burning is a technique used by artisans to carve beautiful bespoke designs into decorative pieces of wood. You can provide a design to them, which they will then carve into the wood for you, and often this isn’t a long process, though it depends on the size of the design. Bear in mind the price may also vary depending on the grade and quality of the wood you choose to use for your gift. You could also think outside the box to find other ways to give it to your loved one: for example, for a child, you could get them a plaque their name carved into it being held by a toy bear. The best thing about a gift like this is that you make it as simple or creative as you like. Try to think outside the box with your gift ideas, and purchase something unique and personal to the loved one you are buying for.