For Cyclas fw 18 “less is more”

For Cyclas fw 18 “less is more”


The relationship between a woman and her wardrobe is delicate and intimate, reflecting her sense of self, her lifestyle and our times. We think about what she would like from her clothes:
Quality, Comfort, Confidence, Playfulness. A joy to wear that releases a free spirit and highlights elegance and personality.

The FW 2018 collection is all about “less is more” in a philosophical sense – “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”, “Dressing is a way of life”, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, ” Luxury must be comfortable”, “God is in details” .

A challenge that aspires to the ideal that is everybody’s dream. Curves added to clean silhouettes break the rules and make a strong statement. Detailing and embellishments are added with thoughtful consideration. Seductive materials are combined in unexpected ways with refined and delicate colors, exuding a sense of joyfulness and free spirit.

 The CYCLAS woman will wear a W-Face Trench Coat in beige tonal check together with curved sleeves, by tying the belt just for the waist creates the interesting volume on her back. Her daily wardrobe matches a super soft Baby alpaca top in greyish pastel green with a lilac blouse and purple asymmetric hem skirt with wide pleats to complete the look. She’ll wear an over-sized quilted jacket over a piled knit dress with a pleated skirt for the day, and optic white turtle neck and beige blouse paired with floor length skirt in shiny silk twill fabric for the evening. And when she chooses a pale pink organdy blouse with delicate fur detailing applied by Japanese artisans, offset by an ample brushed mohair coat in vibrant hues and a wild hairy tote covered by PVC, it is because the CYCLAS woman understands the edge that liberates elegance.

CYCLAS collections are created from the personal dialogue with women on “what we really want to get by”.