CHANEL releases a new episode of COCO MADEMOISELLE

CHANEL releases a new episode of COCO MADEMOISELLE


In 2001 the dawn of an unexpected formula started an unpredictable olfactory movement. A two-tiered composition that blends the freshness of citrus with the sensual wave of sophisticated patchouli. A new- generation wood that has been dusted off, fractionated, pared down to leave nothing but the thrill of its heart on the skin. Created for rebellious personalities with a taste for elegance, COCO MADEMOISELLE launched a new form of seduction.

For the launch of the new fragrance COCO MADEMOISELLE Eau de Parfum Intense, CHANEL releases a new episode of COCO MADEMOISELLE. Keira Knightley reprises her role of the sassy seductress with even more confidence, this time before the camera of Johan Renck, who also directed the N°5 L’EAU advertising film. Successfully trying his hand at music, photography, film and advertising since the 1990s, the versatile director continues the saga that Joe Wright began in 2007 with the three previous films. Here, Johan Renck paints an allusive portrait of an irresistible and charismatic well-born Parisienne.

Exploring the flashback as a narrative tool, the film opens with images of Keira Knightley looking through her Haussmannian apartment the morning after a wild party. A Parisian soiree at which our heroine had fun, without ever taking her eyes off the man of her desires. We can imagine she is already famous, a sought-after celebrity who would rather surround herself with her friends.

Keira Knightley’s rebellious elegance and luminous strength radiate from the screen. Like a lady adventurer you can sense is demanding and sophisticated, she is a pioneer who calls the shots, drawing others along in her wake.