That’s Hogan Galaxy

That’s Hogan Galaxy


This season Hogan takes you on new adventures…be ready for an interstellar journey to unexplored galaxies. Prepare to discover Hogan’s futuristic creations: glitter, sparkle and iridescence will illuminate your footsteps. Meet the Hogan queen of the galaxy and let yourself be seduced by her magnetic charisma. Travel at the speed of your own imagination through the kaleidoscope of the new hogan collection.


A launch speeding through space and time, far away towards a parallel universe: the new hogan galaxy. Collection modern and sophisticated, lively and intense, the autumn winter 2018 19 collection is expertly crafted and unique but made for ease. What does a rainbow look like in outer space? it sparkles with glittery moon-dust.

This season, Hogan introduces a new sparkle-motif on its signature ‘maxiplatform h222’ luxury sneakers. Glossy metallic leathers are paired with rainbow platforms in various shades from silver to gold to pink. In addition, the ‘maxiplatform’ sneaker comes in an exciting new iridescent material which pops with pastel colors. A glamourous space cadet can’t leave without a really good boot: the bold laced maxi-boots stand out in their luminescent silver and dusty-gold renditions.

The new ‘running h385’ glitters with a twinkle techno-canvas and is characterized by a mono-block sole injected with a curved insert. an absolute innovation is the introduction of a new “dipping” technique. This method is applied to the brand’s icon ‘interactive’ and ‘h340’ sneakers, transforming them as though they were dipped in a white-rubbery interplanetary substance. Purple and green astral chunks are zooming your way in the black night sky. This new pattern has been interpreted throughout the collection and can be found on several designs. Lace up your hogans and join us for a psychedelic planet-hopping party! Colors milky white, night black, space silver and galactic gold, iridescent pink, acid green